In the world of sports and entertainment, one thing remains crystal clear: revolutionising fan experiences is critical.

On August 23rd, Zendesk and redk came together to host a webinar that delved deep into the ever-evolving landscape of fan experiences. Titled “An Experience & How to Meet Supporter Expectations,” this webinar was a must-attend event for organisations seeking to thrive in an era where fans demand nothing less than the extraordinary.

You can watch the full webinar here.

The panel included: 

  • Tom Jeanes, Commercial Lead at redk
  • George Cox, Lead CX Consultant at redk
  • Cian Dowling, Solution Architect at Zendesk
  • Jacob Beetham, Account Executive at Zendesk

Join us as we delve into the insights gained from the Zendesk webinar, where this panel of experts shared their strategies for taking fan engagement to the next level. 

Watch the webinar

Meeting Fans on Digital Channels

Cian, Solution Architect at Zendesk, highlighted the need for a different approach to acknowledge fans’ passion and devotion.

“Fans are not customers, and they can’t be treated in the same way.”

Cian Dowling, Solution Architect at Zendesk

In the digital age, sports organisations must find ways to connect with fans on their preferred platforms. The rapid, emotional nature of fan interactions in the digital space requires agility and responsiveness. While traditional business logic may only sometimes apply, the importance of engaging with fans on these channels must be balanced.

Promoting Self-Service and Automation

Tom, Commercial Lead at redk, emphasised the role of data in personalising the fan experience. 

“Collecting data into fan behaviour, preferences and interests is going to enable sports clubs to personalise the fan experience across the board.”

Tom Jeanes, Commercial Lead at redk

The webinar showed that promoting self-service options and driving automation across fan interactions is crucial. This streamlines the fan experience and allows sports clubs to address common queries efficiently. By encouraging fans to voice their issues and using automation to address common queries, sports clubs can enhance the overall fan experience.

Drive Additional Revenue from Retail and Hospitality Channels

George, Lead CX Consultant at redk, emphasised the importance of personalisation in revenue-generating efforts. 

“Personalisation makes things more engaging. Services like where they remember your favourite player so you can surface videos on their best goals or when it’s your birthday you get a personalised message from that particular player.”

George Cox, Lead CX Consultant at redk

Going the extra mile with personalised interactions takes the fan experience to new levels. However, Tom noted that providing premium personalised experiences within budget constraints is a challenge but one that sports organisations must tackle. 

He highlighted that offering exclusive merchandise, special dining options, and unique hospitality packages can generate additional revenue streams while elevating the fan experience. 

Establishing an Experience to Match Your Brand

A critical takeaway from the webinar is that no one-size-fits-all approach to the fan experience exists.

In today’s sports industry, meeting supporter expectations goes beyond the game itself. It involves connecting with fans on digital channels, promoting self-service and automation, driving additional revenue through retail and hospitality, and establishing an experience that aligns with the club’s brand and its fans.

As sports organisations adapt to this shifting landscape, they must embrace technology and data-driven approaches to deliver exceptional fan experiences. By doing so, they foster stronger fan loyalty and unlock new revenue opportunities. The Zendesk and redk webinar served as a valuable platform to explore these strategies, and its insights will undoubtedly shape the future of revolutionising fan experiences in the sports industry.