redk took part on the 2019 edition of the Sales Innovation Expo (SIE2019) at ExCeL in London on March. At the convention, Hideki Hashimura, CMO of redk gave a talk on Key Technology Trends Driving Sales Transformation in B2B. As he said:

¨Technology is built to empower people, it should empower your workforce to be more efficient and more effective. It can also be a differentiator that can generate a competitive advantage¨

This talk addressed the key trends defining the digital transformation journeys companies and their marketing and sales organisations go through in order to stay ahead of the game.

Networking Area at SIE 2019 sponsored by redk

As well as having a stand to show redk´s range of services and products, also it sponsored at the Sales Innovation Expo a Networking Area where they accommodated 15 tables for all attendees to network, from sales professionals, to owners, investors and innovators.

The show floor was packed with professionals operating across every facet of the sales industry and gave access to a unique platform where both quality and quantity of connections were very much achievable.

The networking area offered the industry’s leading lights the chance to engage with, and learn from, like-minded professionals from across the globe, enabling them to develop their professional knowledge, pass on their own industry insight, and cultivate invaluable new business contacts.

Take a look to their SIE 2019 showguide to see who were the speakers, what were the trends and the companies who took part.