With the launch of SugarBPM™, customers now have access to new automation processes in the Sugar platform. The new toolkit, which replaces Sugar Advanced Workflow in the Sugar 9.0 release, seeks to minimise repetitive manual processes to allow services reps to spend more time on customer interaction.

On 9th April, SugarCRM introduced their new process automation toolkit, which seeks to address the complexities that come from company growth. As the sales force and customer base continues to grow, more streamlined processes need to be put in place to maintain employee and job satisfaction, while driving lead conversion.

New features exclusive to SugarBPM™

SugarBPM™ brings with it a number of new features that were not previously available to the Sugar Advanced Workflow users. The first of these features is enhanced process termination settings, which allows users to terminate a process if a field on a record associated with the process changes. Alongside this, customers can better organise process definitions with Sugar tagging capabilities using improved administration of business processes. The SugarBPM™ upgrades are part of a series of improvements across the Sugar 9.0 release, which includes optimised features for exporting process definitions, business rules, and email templates, among many others.


The features SugarCRM customers expect

Within SugarBPM™, customers will have access to the same tools they had with the Sugar Advanced Workflow but with an improved UX experience. This includes business process definition, the business rules module, and process email templates.

SugarBPM™ also offers access to a visual process designer to help customers lay out their business processes in a user-friendly, drag-and-drop environment. This automated process evaluates CRM data to locate and identify different criteria, which can help to optimise procedures.


With the launch of Sugar 9.0 and SugarBPM, Sugar have once again reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the best quality service for users and customers alike, empowering employees and driving customer loyalty.

This is just one example of the heightened features and streamlined processes customers have come to expect from SugarCRM. redk, in partnership with SugarCRM, always seeks to provide clients with the best technological experience to facilitate their CRM transformation initiative.