CRM technologies have already proven themselves to be a key driver of sales. Companies are increasingly leveraging their power to effectively boost productivity, empower employees and drive revenue. What’s more, as AI, chatbots and other technologies come into their own, there is still a world of potential set to drive CRM growth.

However, another market is emerging with the potential to increase CRM capabilities and power even more growth. According to ReportBuyer, by 2024 the SaaS (Software as a Service) market will reach almost $186 billion worldwide.

Within this market, the CRM segment is poised to experience the fastest growth, representing a plethora of benefits for your CRM strategy – and positively impacting your bottom line.

Why SaaS is booming

SaaS are apps or software systems that are delivered on demand as web services or hosted software and don’t require installation. This shift from ownership to subscription and outsourcing is the point of difference that’s causing the SaaS market to grow dramatically.

Vendors are in charge of maintaining the hardware and software, as well as the security of SaaS apps and systems.This means that companies don’t have to pay for continual upgrades or make sure they have enough available storage or infrastructure. It also does away with the need to hire in-house experts and technicians.

The trend is showing no signs of slowing down. According to BetterCloud, 73% organisations will use SaaS in the vast majority of their apps by 2020.

The benefits of SaaS

Companies are turning to Saas because:

    • It saves money. SaaS are cheaper than LaaS systems with fewer operational costs. There is no infrastructure, servers, upgrades or maintenance necessary.
    • It optimises time. Setup is generally easier, faster and more efficient.
    • It facilitates collaboration. Authorised individuals can access the software and data from anywhere they have an internet connection.
    • It aligns with current trends. You can easily implement rising trends like mobile strategies or omni-channel integration, among others.


  • CRM and SaaS integration

    The integration of CRM technology with SaaS is a prime example of the potential this trend represents. Many of the benefits discussed above are key drivers in the success of any CRM strategy.


    Sales teams are faced with an increasingly dynamic market landscape. As they are often on the go, they need to have access to new information in real time. Failing to respond in a timely manner could mean turning warm leads cold or missing out on new ones.

    A CRM SaaS allows access to all information shared across your teams when and where you need it. For example, not only does Sugar CRM offer tools to enhance cross-company communication, but it also provides certain guidelines which can be optimised to drive lead conversion.

    The device of your choice

    The nature of SaaS allows it to be easily accessed from the device of your choice without the fear of losing features due to upgrading issues, inaccurate information or discovering your software package is incompatible.

    Not all SaaS CRM solutions are created equal

    The benefits of a good SaaS CRM solution can positively impact your bottom line in the long term and empower your sales and customer service teams to reach their full potential. For example, Zendesk offers a wide range of useful features, which will allow you to enhance communication within your community, develop a chatbot system and integrate effectively with social media channels. However, it’s important to research beforehand if the solution offers all relevant features and meets the needs of your organisation. Before you buy, consider this checklist of questions:

    • Is the vendor trustworthy and experienced in SaaS technology?
    • Do the security features guarantee company safety and data recovery?
    • Does the app have options for customisation and automation to adapt the solution to your needs?
    • Can the platform and data be accessed from any device?
    • Are all features available in a single solution?


  • Unleash your company’s full potential

    The fast-growing SaaS market represents huge potential for CRM solutions to become more effective. However, to truly experience the best results that impact every aspect of your operations and drive growth, you need to properly leverage the software’s many features.

    At redk, we are a powerful partner to top SaaS providers, including SugarCRM and Zendesk, as well as leaders in the field of marketing automation, such as IBM Watson Marketing and ActOn. Thanks to our experts, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive support to ensure your SaaS CRM solution performs the way you need it to. Alongside our invaluable experience with implementation, we offer on-going advice and action plans to support your long-term business growth.

    In fact, redk’s expertise and commitment was recently acknowledged at the IBM Ecosystem Awards, where we were voted “Most relevant partner in SaaS” in Spain.

    If you’d like your CRM SaaS system to drive long-term growth, contact us today for a quote.