The reality of business today means sales teams can spend a significant amount of their work day on the go. According to Forbes this kind of remote work, or ‘sales in the cloud’, makes sales teams more flexible and dynamic and able to compete in our ever-changing marketplace. Clients or potential leads want to be able to interact with your company at any time. In order to meet these expectations, your agents must be able to reply at a moment’s notice, using the client’s preferred channel, to avoid the risk of losing out on possible revenue.  

By enabling mobile CRM, you can effectively empower your sales team to continue doing their job, while always accommodating client needs. And the statistics speak for themselves. On average, with mobile CRM, 65% of sales agents are able to reach their quotas, compared to those that don’t have mobile CRM that only 22% of reps reach theirs.

Integrating mobile capabilities into your customer operations can be a key factor in the success of empowering your Sales Team with better tools which allows them to get better results, driving your sales teams’ effectiveness and helping your company reach new levels of market success. At redk, as CRM specialists, we can help you to implement those solutions that will ease your Sales team job, so they can achieve the following:

Access your mobile CRM on the go

There has been a huge spike in mobile internet traffic in the last ten years, reaching 52.2% in 2018. This change means that customer expectations are evolving, with today’s customers or leads expecting an almost immediate response from your business as a service norm. Timeliness can be a huge factor in whether an agent makes a sale or not, as even a very warm lead can easily become cool if they feel they are being neglected by a company. The most obvious benefit of mobile CRM is its ability to allow your sales agents access to leads or customers while they are on the move. Without compromising quality, they can remotely offer any necessary sales services and convert leads from anywhere, while respecting the customer’s preferred channel.


Having quick-and-easy mobile CRM access has a direct effect on your sales team’s productivity. Mobile CRM allows companies to take full advantage of time that would have previously been wasted, such as waiting for meetings, in queues, in public transportation, and so on. This productivity also extends to data entry as you no longer have to wait to get to the office to input any pending updates. This time-consuming activity can now be easily performed on the app, wherever and whenever. What’s more, with the voice-to-text feature you can input data verbally, allowing for an easy, streamlined experience.


Mobile CRM is also fully customisable, giving your sales team access to smart resources at their convenience. They can easily check analytics and business intelligence in the manner most intuitive to them, empowering them to tailor their actions to specific leads or the individual needs of their clients. Many aspects are can be completely personalised, meaning your employees can change the platform to their preference by adjusting the layout or adding different plug-ins that align with their normal processes.


At times, the busy and increasingly flexible life of a sales professional can hamper inter-team communication. Mobile CRM allows sales teams to be in constant contact with each other. Teams can stay up to date through either direct messaging or checking real-time system updates, to track sales and leads brought in – or anything in between. Depending on the customisation settings, sales agents can also opt to receive push notifications, ensuring that they never miss out on anything.

Flexibility is an essential aspect of ensuring success in our dynamic market landscape. Mobile CRM empowers your sales professionals to offer a quality service that is key to driving success in today’s competitive world. It makes sales teams’ lives easier by providing them with the data and software needed to carry out all of their daily tasks on the go. By increasing productivity and ensuring your sales team is offering the smartest solutions and most personalised service, they will be better able to reach sales targets and drive long-term results.