Salesforce’s research cites a recent study that found that ‘65.8% of salespeople want improvement in the way organisations capture new business.’

It goes without saying that most businesses are looking to grow. And in order to do that, they usually combine three main strategies: driving strategic growth, boosting sales productivity, and winning and growing customers. But Salesforce argues that in today’s climate, where buyer expectations are at an all-time high, that might not be enough.

Salesforce’s research cites a recent study that found that ‘65.8% of salespeople want improvement in the way organisations capture new business.’ This presents an area of opportunity for companies, who need to adopt new strategies in order to build stronger client relationships.

Implementing the right CRM tool is more important than ever because it allows sales professionals to focus on personalising the buyer journey while creating seamless cross-team alignment. This in turn gives businesses what they want: satisfied, returning customers and an increase in revenue.

Recognise roadblocks, identify opportunities

Today’s consumers want convenience, which includes personalised service that meets their unique needs. If a customer has a negative experience, they are likely to abandon the company altogether and share that with other consumers in an online review, which can cause further widespread damage.

While many organisations are working to address these expectations, they are facing roadblocks along the way. According to Salesforce, ‘Research shows that 78% of business buyers seek trusted advisors who add value to their business.’ Teams must branch out of the one-size-fits-all approach and engage with consumers in a way that meets their needs. In order to attract more buyers, personalisation is key.

As sales teams work on strengthening relationships with existing clients, they are also required to connect with new ones. This juggling act means that one often gets pushed aside – or worse, it can lead to reps becoming frustrated and disengaged. At redk, we understand that creating custom strategies can be time-consuming, we help organisations to create a balance that organisations need to win and grow customers by implementing CRM strategy and technology.

However, we must note that it’s not strictly up to the sales team – Salesforce’s research shows that 78% of customers expect a seamless end-to-end journey across all departments, from marketing to sales to finance. Creating smoother transitions between teams requires the proper tools, as well as efforts across the board.

Embrace new strategies

In order to successfully gain and retain consumers in today’s modern market, businesses have to be willing to embrace new selling strategies. Salesforce encourages teams to evolve their current processes to be personalised and consultative, build relationships at scale and align across teams.

This is where CRM integration comes in. With the proper digital solution, you can gain valuable customer insight, automate processes and share data cross-functionally. In other words, technology completes the simple tasks so that employees can focus on what matter’s most: engaging customer conversations that build relationships.

Benefit from change

Change can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary in the long-run. According to one staggering statistic, ‘while 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” only 8% of customers agree.’ If a business shows that it is committed to customer satisfaction, then buyers will react positively to even the slightest change made with them in mind.

Happy customers lead to more revenue and growth, and companies that prioritise customer service will stand out from the rest. As an added incentive, Salesforce highlights that two-thirds of buyers would pay more for a better buying journey.

Not only do these changes affect consumers, but they also impact sales professionals. If teams are left to complete mundane tasks that a CRM platform could do, they could feel disinterested or uninspired.

Using the right software gives employees the opportunity to problem-solve and strategise, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships.

With over 15 years of digital consulting experience, we can help your business implement the right CRM tool to optimise team performance. At redk, we are available to help your organisation grow. Reach out today for a consultation. Sources

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