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Conversational Business is becoming more common due to an increasingly demand in Customer habits. Nowadays customers want immediate answers on their journey, so companies must adapt with real-time interaction responses, providing their organisations with technology such Chatbots, SMS, voice assistants and/or messaging apps to be able to offer a better Customer Experience as a result.

According to a recently published Zendesk benchmark, phone and email still are the most common channels companies have in place and there is a growing number of businesses planning to add Live Chat, SMS and other messaging apps in the next months.

The reason businesses are adopting messaging is to automate the work load but overall to engage with their customers. Messaging is the winning channel for customers, because they use it constantly in their everyday life, i.e. SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messaging… It is secure, quick, and very convenient to use. It gets the answers right when are needed so they can be sure of the purchase they are about to make or the reservation booking they would like to close… It also lets agents have more context so they can give back a much better service.So in order to offer a real-time omnichannel customer experience, technology is the key.

Zendesk Support Suite

The Zendesk Support Suite allows business to provide support across channels through natural conversations: it does enable agents to easily engage with customers across traditional and new social channels. Unifying all customer data to have a complete view of all your customers interaction with your Brand across the organisation.

The idea that every customer interaction must be visible to agents, so it does count as part of the conversation with that precise customer, is now a reality that used to be only a trend, but soon will become the absolute norm.

Zendesk 2020’s CX Trends report showed that businesses are slowly embracing that notion of conversations taking place across a number of channels, but are gathered on one platform to keep all agents informed and enable a faster and better informed service.

Sunshine Conversations

Sunshine Conversation is a Zendesk open, flexible, and advanced messaging platform for conversational business. Agents will get a single API that unifies messages from every channel under a single customer profile. It improves the employee experience hence the customer experience. At just one glance, agents will experience how conversational data transforms support into conversational business at every step of the customer journey. With Sunshine Conversations you will be delivering omnichannel customer support, embedding modern messaging into your website and/or apps, integrating self-service with chatbots, speaking to your customer in their own language, and being able to share conversations with anyone in your business which is quite handy in order to track cases.

Complex business ecosystems 

Allowing everyone to communicate on a familiar platform, using instant messaging capabilities makes it easy to work, collaborate, and engage within the company employees, third parties involved with absolute focus in creating a seamless customer experience.

Future-proof Companies

Many Companies are working hard on achieving a genuine Digital Transformation in all aspects of their business. As part of that change, they must embrace omnichannel platforms for a satisfactory customer experience. Conversational business is here to stay, nowadays still awakening and it could feel more a trend itself, but we are sure it will increasingly become the norm too.

Learn more about how Zendesk allows businesses to keep anyone in the loop. Don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look at our Zendesk Services.