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Customer Experience

Be Omni-Channel, be where your customers want you to be, at anytime and through any channel.

Customer service is the most competitive area for value differentiation, even for sales.

Companies are faced with the challenges of customer-acquisition costs, while struggling to maintain the customers they have closed.

How do you set yourself apart from your competition? A positive customer experience is key to differentiation and fostering brand loyalty

Omni-channel Support – Create and deliver an omnichannel strategy that meets customer expectations,
allowing contact through the channel of their choice.

Automation – Work smarter, faster. Apply A.I. technology to empower Service Automation to reduce service friction and create meaningful customer interactions.

Efficiency – Automate processes to optimise resources, reduce waste, and create a centralised data structure to drive efficiency.

Service Insights – A complete view of the customer allows for meaningful indicators with consolidated insights, enabling immediate action when the opportunity arises.

Create a centre for customer service excellence

Today’s consumers want you to be available and ready. And today’s technology can help you be there.

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Service operations is where companies win or lose customers.

Our expertise on building centres for Customer Service Excellence focuses on helping organisations boost customer loyalty and satisfaction by establishing models of service excellence.

At redk we help companies like yours to design and implement service operations that turn customers into engaged promoters.

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Marketing Automation is no secret, it’s all about your data

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ZENDESK Services – Zendesk covers the three key areas of the service software space: A great user experience, an operational design focused on customer experience excellence and technology innovation ahead of the competition.

Salesforce Service Cloud Services – Service Cloud supports the most demanding customer service needs and integrates this data into its ecosystem, making it great for business who already own sales cloud and are looking at growing large.

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“Working with redk was a team experience. Their support along the project was key and it never felt like working with an external contractor.

In fact, we would always use “we” in all our conversations, considering them as part of our team.”

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Maribel Linares, Baleària

Project Manager, Partnership, Loyalty & CX


Driving customer service excellence through omnichannel capabilities and tech innovation with the customer at the centre of the digital strategy.

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