According to research by Forrester, ‘…in a world powered by a technology-empowered customer, the number one skill to improve on is digital: 40 percent of CMOs say increasing their technology savvy is their top self-improvement goal…’

As far back as 2012, digital marketing was seen as a top priority by many chief marketing officers. Those with astute insight into the direction marketing was going could see just how universal and essential the medium would become, and sought to steer their organisations’ strategies accordingly.

Even now, however, despite digital marketing offering the benefits of measurability, deep market penetration, accurate targeting and high potential ROI, many companies’ capabilities in this key area fall below the levels necessary to reap those benefits fully.

‘In order to bring the current gaps to the attention of business leaders in a broad range of sectors, we at redk are ready to help assess your organisation’s marketing maturity. ’

Answering the Key Questions

Using a methodology developed by our partners at Acoustic, the Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment helps marketers answer the discipline’s key questions:

  1. How good is my marketing?
  2. How do I compare against others?
  3. What more can I do?
  4. What more should I do?

The answers to these questions provide a dynamic look at readiness levels across core marketing activities to identify which areas or activities need updating or building.

‘A fundamental property of the maturity methodology is that it is vendor agnostic: assessed organisations receive unbiased recommendations. ’

Five Pillars of Readiness

The Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment is built around five central pillars: Automation, Analytics, Personalisation, Content, and Connected Channel, with the client’s level of activity assessed in each of them.

  • Automation examines outgoing marketing messages for their dynamism and sophistication.
  • Analytics assesses how an organisation analyses engagement with those messages.
  • Personalisation looks at the effectiveness and consistency of personalised messaging across different marketing channels.
  • Content examines not only how dynamic marketing content is, but how effective current CMS and DAM strategies are proving.
  • Connected Channels takes an overview of consistency, responsiveness and customer engagement across all current marketing channels.

The Marketing Maturity Map is a visual assessment of an organisation’s marketing maturity, from an “operational capabilities” point of view.

Visible Appraisal Against Established Benchmarks

While each assessment provides a customised report in the form of a Marketing Maturity Map, there are established benchmarks for primary sectors including Banking/Financial Services, Government/Public, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Utilities.

The Marketing Maturity Map therefore offers a clear view of how your organisation is doing against industry standards-based in your business’ area of activity.

Participants are advised where investment may be needed, what is holding their current marketing strategy back, and whether that strategy effectively aligns with their company’s priorities and how capable they are of delivering, at an operational and tactical level, with speed and effectiveness.

A Powerful Tool for Every Part of your Business

For business leaders, our campaign for widespread Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment offers external appraisal, actionable recommendations and a vision of what digital marketing could be doing for you if its potential were maximised.

Effective in steering lead generation, client re-engagement, upselling, lead qualification and speeding up deal velocity, the recommendations that result from a Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment can have a positive impact across your entire sales effort.

Their effects can be felt beyond the marketing department of your organisation, as marketing is optimised to work precisely in an often chaotic and unpredictable digital ecosystem.

We Have the Experience and Know-how to Guide Transformation

We’re offering our clients the opportunity to assess their marketing automation efficiency and receive a holistic overview of where they stand, both in their own right and against the benchmarks for their sector.

We believe such understanding is important because digital marketing, as foreseen by CMOs back in 2012, is so critical to any company’s survival in a world of tech-savvy consumers, overwhelming numbers of messages and a complex digital landscape.

redk has over fifteen years’ experience in digital consulting with specific expertise in Marketing Automation, Sales Performance Optimisation, Customer Experience and Intelligent Automation. We offer advice, insight and services that work. Get in touch to take advantage of the opportunity of expert assessment of your digital marketing capabilities.