Redefining the future with pioneering digital strategies and unified management

FOOTDISTRICT was born in 2012 as an online project for the sale of sports shoes. Today it is an avant-garde company in the sale of footwear and urban fashion, which stands out for its commitment to offering high quality products and the latest market trends. With a diverse catalogue ranging from limited edition trainers to trendy streetwear, FOOTDISTRICT has positioned itself as a key destination for fashionistas. It is considered one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in Europe, which in turn made the leap to omni-channel with the opening of shops in Madrid and Barcelona.

Digital challenges: towards centralised and efficient management

As the business grew, FOOTDISTRICT began to develop significant challenges in centralising customer information and enriching its 360° Card. The company was looking to improve its communication strategies and strengthen its relationship with its customers. The need for a robust and versatile CRM platform was evident, one that could efficiently manage customer order data and interests, automate follow-ups and align communication processes with the company’s strategic objectives.

The main objective was to increase conversion rates and raise the average sales ticket. FOOTDISTRICT was looking for a digital solution that would enable personalised and automated management of customer tracking, thus improving overall customer experience and satisfaction, and promoting brand loyalty and recommendation.

Overcoming operations barriers

FOOTDISTRICT faced operational barriers related to outdated manual processes and outdated information management technologies. Lack of personalisation and automation in customer communication limited efficiency and agility in service delivery.

The company lacked adequate CRM software, relying on an ERP system with basic and poorly integrated CRM functionality. It had a very basic communication tool that was not aligned with the ERP, making it difficult to integrate customer information and limiting efficiency. The lack of detailed customer information negatively impacted FOOTDISTRICT’s business decisions, complicating the recognition of trends and consumption patterns, as well as the execution of effective growth strategies. This scenario complicated the customer data enrichment process and limited the ability to build lasting and meaningful relationships.

On the other hand, FOOTDISTRICT staff were overburdened due to the lack of automation and the need for manual data entry and processing. Simultaneously, customers were experiencing less personalised and efficient service. Improving the customer experience was therefore a central aspect of the project.

Collaboration with redk: a team united for technological excellence

Together with redk, a solution design strategy was implemented that included a detailed analysis of existing communication processes and the identification of key areas for improvement through consultancy and technical integration sessions.

The approach was an end-to-end CRM solution, implementing Salesforce, with Service Cloud as the central data unification platform and Marketing Cloud for customer communications management. This allowed for more integrated and personalised data management and communication automation.

During this project, special attention was paid to the integration of pre-existing data in FOOTDISTRICT, proposing strategies to achieve a proper synchronisation between the different sources of information. Emphasis was placed on the security and privacy of customer data, applying protection measures throughout the project.

Regarding integrations, a detailed analysis of business needs and objectives was carried out and solutions were developed for effective integration between the various platforms. Likewise, support was provided in the configuration of the platform, in the definition of business processes and in the adoption of best practices to optimise the efficiency of the implementation.

redk also offered specialised engineering services in the integration of data and platforms, with the aim of ensuring an effective and successful implementation of Salesforce and Marketing Cloud technologies. This played a key role in the success of the project, facilitating the design and implementation of tailored and effective business solutions in complex contexts.

The project involved close collaboration between the FOOTDISTRICT team, including the company’s co-founder, Digital Marketing Manager, and redk’s expert team. Together, we worked on the conceptualisation and execution of the digital transformation strategy.

    The partnership with redk and Salesforce has allowed us to take a giant step in adopting the data culture in a fast-changing industry like fashion. This has helped us understand what data we had and how to bring it all together to create a unique customer experience. And as internal learning, it allows us to be much more efficient and adapt more quickly to the needs of the market – José Esteban Mucientes, Digital Marketing Manager at FOOTDISTRICT

Business results: a new era for FOOTDISTRICT

The implementation of these solutions resulted in a significant improvement in the efficiency of FOOTDISTRICT’s communications with its customers, raising satisfaction and loyalty levels. The improved personalisation of content and communications also led to an increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and a positive impact on sales, adapting much more quickly to market needs and trends.

Some of the features that had a positive impact on the project are:

  • The use of a single integrated platform that enabled real-time management of customer information from a single source, allowing a 360° view of the customer.
  • The ability to personalise communications through automation.
  • The Marketing Cloud’s ability to segment and profile specific customers based on their interests and behaviours, enabling better targeted communications.

This story highlights the transformative power of a CRM strategy backed by advanced technology and tailored to your specific needs. It demonstrates that the right combination of business vision, technological innovation and commitment to excellence can not only overcome operational challenges, but also set new standards in customer relationship management.

This achievement is not only a testament to the skill and dedication of the FOOTDISTRICT team, but also an inspiration to other organisations looking to reach new heights in their journey towards digital transformation.