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CRM consultancy | Implementing CRM solutions to grow your business

Our business approach

Find out how we bridge the gap between abstract strategic ideas and real technology in business. We create solutions to maximize your potential.

Discover our solutions

We are experts in the realm of CRM. Find out about our comprehensive package of tech solutions and business services, including analysis, strategic planning and management.

Our CRM technologies

We integrate and implement technology solutions. We know what technologies your business strategy needs and work to bring it to your company.

10 Reasons to Trust redk

  1.  Our outstanding track record: over 100 successfully completed projects
  2.  The know-how and stability of SugarCRM, our technology partner
  3.  Broad expertise in CRM solutions and strategic execution
  4.  Leading Elite Partner of SugarCRM and benchmark for quality across Europe
  5.  Highly regarded SugarCRM partner for over a decade
  6.  International presence and execution of projects from different countries
  7.  Quality as our company’s building block: compliance with European Standard ISO 9001
  8.  Client satisfaction: our top strategic priority
  9.  Security of your information: adherence to a strict data security policy
  10.  Our highly-skilled and dedicated team: valuing individuals and nurturing talent

Our clients: success stories are the true quality assurance for our work