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Sugar launches an Integration Platform to eliminate silos to help achieve a 360 view of the Customer Journey.

Sugar Integrate is a cloud based Integration Platform that increases the effectiveness of Sugar’s time-aware CX platform, CRM, marketing automation, and customer service, helping Companies to achieve absolute view of the Customer Journey.

Customers want to feel like a firm’s top priority, and after all, they should be. This means selecting their own buying journey depending on their individual wants and needs. In essence, customers need options and users need to be able to integrate data sources easily.” – Hideki Hashimura, CMO at redk.

Most companies have huge data silos which make really difficult to provide end-to-end view of the Customer, hence manage customer service, marketing and sales workflows. It basically integrates customer experience with other critical business systems.

Sugar Integrate enables a cross-application view of the customer, supporting automated business processes including ERP, marketing and sales automation, e-commerce, customer service help desk and many more.

Due to outdated CRM systems in many companies it is very difficult to migrate huge amounts of historical customer data, Sugar Integrate give these companies the advantage through automation to forget about the entire data migration process from their current systems to Sugar.

Key highlights of Sugar Integrate:

  • Enables your business to integrate Sugar with other business systems.
  • Supports real-time integrations to reduce data lag and automate inter-system processes.
  • Allows you to develop, deploy, and administer all your integrations from a single console.

Sugar Integrate helps companies future-proof their CX investment by making the integration of this data effortless. Sugar is dedicated to helping companies focus on the entirety of the customer journey and lifecycle.” said Craig Charlton, CEO of SugarCRM.

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