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Sales Performance Optimisation

Doing more business is all about two things: 1) How well you know your customer, and 2) How fast you are.

Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity.

Customer insights – A complete view of the customer allows for meaningful indicators with
consolidated insights, enabling immediate action when the opportunity arises.

Automation – Automate new opportunities, upselling & cross selling, while empowering & freeing your salesforce for more meaningful interactions.

Efficiency – Streamline processes to optimise resources, reduce waste, & create a centralised data structure to drive efficiency & generate decision making insights.

Mobility – Business environments are always dynamic, & salespeople need up-to-the-minute actionable information.

The right sales technology should make you very, very fast!

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Salesforce Services – Discover the most powerful force in the “sales” universe. Our Salesforce expertise help you make the most out of the most innovative technology in the Sales Automation Space.

SugarCRM Services – Personalise this flexible technology to your business and optimise your sales operations.

SugarCRM is one of the most versatile and scalable platforms for sales force management.


Driving operational efficiency and optimising sales performance to deliver long term transformation.

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“redk was able to understand the business constraints and the technical challenges.

They worked closely with our team to put together a solid roadmap to deliver short term, which has added up to a robust CRM solution overtime.”

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Marc Talbot, Acuris

Global Head of Commercial operations

“CRM Transformation Centre” is the methodology framework we use to help organisations achieve CRM success

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