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Intelligent Automation

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process automation. Not tomorrow, but today!

Robotic Process Automation

Yes, it is here and it is working away. Many of our customers are already automating processes to optimise efficiency and empower their staff to spend time in meaningful customer interactions.

Intelligent Automation unleashed

Intelligent automation, like RPA (robotic process automation), natural language processing and virtual agents, can help your brand optimise productivity in many ways. Intelligent Automation can optimise the business beyond isolated processes.

At redk we look at implementing new learning processes around the wider digital ecosystem of your business so we can harness the potential of these technologies to the fullest.

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An intelligent approach to optimisation

The promise of AI is now within reach.

Most conversations of AI and Automation focus on technology—that's the easy part.

We approach the application of this technology from a holistic perspective, considering people, processes and business functions to ensure initiatives are deployed effectively and maximised.

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In Customer Experience

Automation bots can improve the speed at which you interact with your customers, and it is always available for your customers to reach out to.

In Sales

Automation can help
drive the sales cycle by providing guidance to the buyer in the selection process, in both B2C and B2B

In the Back Office

Machine learning can
help identify the processes that repeat thousands of times a year and learn to optimise operations by integrating systems to carry out operations.

In Marketing

Automation can help
drive the sales cycle by providing guidance to the buyer in the selection process, in both B2C and B2B


Driving customer service excellence through omnichannel capabilities and tech innovation with the customer at the centre of the digital strategy.

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Laiye – Intelligent Automation

We help you and your customers drive business performance and enhance customer experience. Our low-code chatbot platform lets you improve service quality and increase your team’s productivity.

From digitalising repetitive tasks to integrating custom-built automation that solves complex business challenges – Laiye specialises in combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation to drive Intelligent Automation.


Powering the Future of Intelligent Automation

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