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The launch of SugarLive brings new omnichannel capabilities

With the recent launch of SugarLive, SugarCRM’s new Amazon Connect integration, organisations are better prepared to provide omnichannel service and support across voice, chat and text messaging.
SugarLive is an AI-enhanced Sugar Serve integration that allows access to all the capabilities of Amazon Connect, a world leader in cloud communications. Available on Sugar Serve’s innovative user interface, SugarLive is a simple, cost-effective way to engage with customers through their preferred channel. With this extension, companies are better able to route, track, prioritise and solve customer service interactions.
This new tool comes at a time when workforces are more distributed than ever, and there is an increased need for easy-to-deploy omnichannel solutions. To access the entire range of omnichannel functions, a user only requires their Amazon Connect credentials and a few configurations to modify their existing Sugar Serve deployments.
Thanks to this easy-to-integrate approach, companies can offer a top omnichannel service in days rather than months. Furthermore, there are no upfront costs and users only pay for the voice and chat messages that they use, making the service low risk for companies looking to develop their customer service strategies. Key features of the new integration include:
  • Omnichannel Service Console UX
  • Live Chat Self-Service
  • Intelligent Communications and Workflows
  • Global Call Center Integration

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