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In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, we decided to put together a series of product updates called 30 minutes Product Pit-Stop to help our customers keep pace with the latest developments. For this edition, we’ll take a look at what’s new at Zendesk.

This Pit-stop session is delivered by our CMO Hideki Hashimura and our Zendesk product specialist George Cox, who will go through all updates to the following Zendesk Products: Zendesk Support Suite, Zendesk Explore Enterprise, Zendesk Sunshine CRM Platform and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.

We review the most significant new features of these Zendesk products and also show you how to shift your omnichannel power into high gear. It’s definitely worth taking a quick pit stop so we can refuel your knowledge — with five product updates in just 30 minutes.

We’re confident you’ll speed away from the session with renewed momentum and possible strategy adjustments in mind.