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A quick stop to learn about SugarCRM’s latest updates!

In a fast paced environment where technology is continuously evolving, we have thought it’d be useful to put together a series of product updates called: 30 minutes Product Pit-Stop to help our customers stay up to date with what’s new. On this occasion we´ll start with SugarCRM and what’s coming up.

Our first Pit-stop work is delivered by our CMO Hideki Hashimura and our CRM product expert Diego S. García, who answers from start/finish straight all updates on the following Sugar Products: Sugar Sell V10, SugarBPM, Sugar Connect, Sugar Integrate, Sugar Discover and Sugar Node.

We review the most significant new features on these Sugar products. So it is worth stopping at the pit lane so we can fuel you at a rate of 6 product updates in just 30 minutes. Keeping it short and to the point!

After this session, we hope you’ll leave the pit box refuelled with new tyres and possible future adjustments in mind.

Watch now: