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Telephony Integration

Integrating voice capabilities into your CRM to deliver a complete omni-channel model

Your customers want to be connected.

Be mobile – VOIP technology is available on smartphone, tablet and desktop apps, allowing you to work at the office, at home and on the go. With the ability to switch seamlessly between devices, customers can experience the same level of service, no matter where they are.

Growing as you do – As the technology scales with your business, you can add lines, extensions and features as needed without implementing and building any major platform.

Tailored to your business – Simplify the challenges that affect your business’ communication services.

With no-fuss installation and a quality UX, integrated VOIP technology enables you to easily manage settings, add new users, view reports on any device, and track your monthly expenditure.

Cloud-based omni-channel solutions fully integrated with your CRM

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8x8 – The 8×8 CRM telephony service IS a cloud communications platform that empowers businesses to engage customers and increase employee efficiency at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems.

Aircall – Call center software for customer-centric teams. Transform customer experiences with the IT approved cloud call center solution for sales and support teams.

Omni-channel Support – Create and deliver an omnichannel strategy that meets customer expectations, allowing contact through the channel of their choice.

Automation – Work smarter, faster. Apply A.I. technology to empower Service Automation to reduce service friction and create meaningful customer interactions.

Integrate – Easily integrate with your CRM or back end applications in order to deliver a seamless experience.

Service Insights – A complete view of the customer allows for meaningful indicators with consolidated insights, enabling immediate action when the opportunity arises.

Create a centre for customer service excellence

Your customers are too important to waste time on communications problems. Be ready!

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How putting the customer first in the technology implementation helped improve the customer experience.

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