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Klint GPT

Leveraging the power of OpenAI into CRM capabilities for customer service

Automation = Scalability

Integrate KlintGPT with Zendesk or Salesforce to revolutionise your customer service and deliver seamless customer experiences.

Engage with customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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With this innovative application, you can leverage the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT technology to quickly and effectively respond to support tickets.

The prompting model analyses customer requests and generates personalised and relevant responses that cater to their unique requirements.

This can enhance productivity, accelerate agent response time, improve customer satisfaction, and optimise support team efficiency by scaling up capacity.

Optimise performance with speed and quality

KlintGPT integrates OpenAI powerful technology to enhance customer service chatbots by utilising its advanced natural language processing capabilities to accurately understand and interpret customer queries.

This results in personalised and relevant responses that meet the needs of each customer, increasing satisfaction. Additionally, ChatGPT can handle complex queries, reducing human agent workload and improving efficiency.

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Improve Response Times

ChatGPT technology can quickly analyse and generate personalised responses to customer requests, improving response time and overall customer experience

Scale Capacity

By providing support agents with response suggestions, OpenAI technology can help reduce the time and effort needed to respond to customer inquiries, allowing agents to handle more requests in less time.

Improved Bot Accuracy

With its advanced natural language processing capabilities, Klint GPT can generate accurate and contextually relevant responses to customer queries, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Automate Productivity

By automating some of the support ticket handling process, GPT-3 can help support agents focus on more complex or high- priority requests, increasing overall team productivity.


Driving customer service excellence through omni- channel capabilities and tech innovation with the customer at the centre of the digital strategy

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