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In many organisations, integrations come with a great deal of sour moments.
Getting all platforms and systems synched, from all departments, most of the times requires a lot of time and effort. And in many occasions it does not even give a total 360 view of the business data. But with Sugar Integrate the integrations are truly effortless. So this definitely brings sweetness to developers and skilled administrators, enabling them to seamlessly integrate all their platforms with their CRM system.

Creating programmatic connections between applications, systems, devices and other solutions in order to share synchronised data is possible so that developers can now deliver on Customer Experience integration needs faster, accelerating the impact on business benefits.

Helping to leverage integrations that you might already have in place, connecting to over 200 popular business applications across integration, migration, and community catalogues. It is compatible with both cloud and on-premise deployments of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.

Sugar Integrate provides:

  • Integration tooling
  • A configuration interface
  • Pre-built components that make connecting Sugar products to external systems faster and more cost-efficient than building the integrations from scratch

Watch the webinar on “Raising the Bar with Sugar Integrate”:

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