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Our People, Our Culture

Our mission is to create success stories.

Culture at redk

Trust, diversity, and joy are at the heart of the redk foundations

We nurture talent

We work hard on making redk a place where people feel excited about their opportunities to learn, grow and progress.

We are proud of the work we do and we care to be competent. We focus on helping our employees become highly proficient on the practices and technologies we deliver.

The impact of this is professional growth and personal fulfilment. A focus on individual growth is at the core of our people efforts.

We are happy people

We make sure we deliver on our mission to our clients, but also recognise that in doing so, our employees need balance in their lives, they need flexibility and time to recharge, and have fun in and out of the workplace.

We love what we do, and we love the people we do it with. Joy is a big element of our day to day lives, we laugh and celebrate together.

We have a positive outlook on life and work. We have a “yes we can do it” attitude.

Diversity is at the heart of innovation

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness. We understand that we can have an impact on making our world work better for everyone through our commitment to our people.

We foster innovation via critical thinking by bringing together different perspectives.

We celebrate differences to build a culture where everyone is empowered to bring their authentic self to work.

“I love working at redk because of the people. The level of support I have seen from higher management has been overwhelming. There is a lot of challenging
work, but you are never alone.”

Denitsa Angelova - UK Regional Manager

Meet the team

Our experienced team, together with our customers, strives to deliver on our mission of creating success stories.

Francisco Rodríguez


José Eugenio


Hideki Hashimura


Miguel Magán

General Manager

Hayley Franco

Head of Finance

Rosa Álvarez

Head of Finance

Pilar García

Head of HR

Óscar Molinillo

Head of Systems &

Denitsa Angelova

Regional Manager

Miguel Márquez

Regional Manager
Madrid, Spain

Olga Martos

Regional Manager
Barcelona, Spain

Tom Jeanes

Commercial Lead

Want to become part of the team?

At redk we care. We care about our people, we care about our customers, and we care about the world we live in.

We have over 15 years of experience creating experts in the field of CRM and CX related technologies, leading professional teams, and helping our employees grow and thrive.

Our ethos is demonstrated every day by our actions:

• Showing respect to every person we interact with, customers, business partners, providers, and most importantly our employees and their families.

• Believing in people, guiding them to grow in their roles and as professionals.

• Providing an empowering framework based on trust, competency, freedom, and accountability.

• Helping employees build the work-life balance they need to make the most of their time and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Life at redk

Click below to hear from some of our amazing people on their experience building a ‘Life at redk’ and how their careers have developed as part of our team.

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