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Niftylift’s digital CRM platform drives performance

A privately owned company based in Europe, Niftylift has grown to be one of the largest mobile elevating work platform manufacturers today. The company specialises in compact, low-weight machines – commonly referred to as cherry pickers – that produce minimal environmental impact and maximum performance.

Founded in 1985 by Roger Bowden, Niftylift has over 550 employees and serves over 60 countries worldwide. Through their years of experience designing machines for rent, the Niftylift team understands the importance of reliability and customer sales support.

A tactical CRM upgrade

Although the organisation had not had the opportunity to make the most of CRM technology intially, Niftylift quickly realised there was a need for accurate information to be able to make decisions swiftly and act on the insight derived from such data. Coming to the realisation that their product’s quality management system is fully integrated and optimised, it was clear that shifting the management of the customer journey to the cloud was the next step of optimisation.

Niftylift had previously implemented SugarCRM into their system, but it was not properly utilised across all departments, thus the value of the technology had not been leveraged. With information spread out over shared drives, personal folders, isolated documents and email chains, the company required a tactical upgrade of their CRM solution to centralise the data and streamline processes and drive optimisation.

To ensure that SugarCRM was still the best platform for their needs, the redk team worked closely with the business leadership to analyse, modernise, and optimise processes in their system, and to help them define a more efficient operational model. With the experience and tools necessary to carry out this project remotely, our team at redk successfully created the base for a strategic long-term plan for the creation of a digital CRM framework.

Overcoming challenges to drive leadership

Niftylift was not able to make the most out of technology due to a poor usage of the systems in place. The CRM platform was in place, but the team was not making the most of the solution to drive the commercial processes. User adoption was low. Customer interactions were solely completed through personal emails and messages, meaning that the sales team was not able to efficiently provide accurate quotes or updates for repeating customers, which make up 75% of Niftylift’s sales.

The market is rapidly expanding due to tax incentives for buying plant machinery, which means that users who would have previously rented or purchased second hand are now buying from Niftylift. This rush generated more leads, and Niftylift’s sales team was struggling to personalise and assign reps while also looking at the bigger picture of the sale.

Driving operational preformance

With data spread company wide, Niftylift’s first goal was to successfully use SugarCRM to optimise processes, streamline insights and make more strategic decisions moving forwards. To help the company make the most out of their solution, our team guided them through the process of migrating to the cloud, which was one of the main technical milestones of the project.

Through our guidance and implementation of best practices, SugarCRM made it possible for Niftylift to make the transition into a fully digital business cycle, particulary on customer acquisition and customer retention processes. Our team’s personalised solutions allows Niftylift to use a pricing tool, optimise logistics, and make quotes with a branded PDF through a single process across all regions.

The complete automation offers a 360-degree view of each client. Quotes are automatically created within SugarCRM, and data and customer insights are stored in one place, making it available for easier analysis. Now, as agents coordinate with their superiors, processes are synchronised, offering up-to-date information to the customer service team to improve the business cycle as a whole

redk focuses on business outcomes, not just software

The digital transformation standardised commercial processes and centralised Niftylift’s databases. The company now has a more complete understanding of the customer journey and operational processes have been redesigned to align with the needs of the business. Identifying key processes has enabled Niftylift to improve agility and impact across the company.

“redk truly helps us overcome all the hurdles of such a complex project, their value was shown through best practices recommendations and quality technical work. The month before we went live with the final solution, I was on a video call with redk every day, and they were always available and ready, so we were able to meet the project objectives of time and budget”

Thomas Hadden, Technical Sales Manager, Niftylift

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Since implementation coming into 2021, Niftylift has already noticed positive impact in some sales lines, and a major qualitative improvement in data quality compared to last year. Niftylift has fully implemented SugarCRM and is making it an integral tool in their everyday use.

The company has highlighted areas for larger improvements and states that they will come back to redk for the next step in process management and implementation of bigger tools such as Sugar Sell. The company has now a blueprint for success when implementing technology, Niftylift is now able to digital platforms to drive performance and be more competitive.

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