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Answer Bot: Optimise your Customer Experience with AI

By 30 August 2017No Comments

A few weeks ago, Zendesk released Answer Bot for its Zendesk Guide platform. This new capability allows companies to take advantage of AI and Automatic Answers to reply to customer enquiries without ever having a human get involved. There are many ways chatbots improve your customer service, so it’s well worth investing some time in reviewing.

Answer Bot has been designed to create automatic interactions with users. Answer Bot responds to customer questions with content from your knowledge base, solving the problem quickly and ideally all on its own.

Answer Bot respuestas automatizadas Zendesk GuideIn this example, as the ticket comes in, Answer Bot scans the message and determines which help article is best suited to answer the specific question. It suggests the article in a reply message to the customer. It is designed to provide answers to simple support inquiries, like those concerning product specs, order statuses, and subscription changes, for example. This is not only helpful for your clients, but also for your agents, as they can focus on more complex tickets. As the customer reviews the suggested articles, they can mark their question as answered directly, and the ticket is then solved. If the answer still needs further assistance, the ticket can be redirected to an agent for more personal support.

Machine Learning, automatic learning to optimise customer support

Answer Bot uses deep learning models to better understand messages and find the most relevant articles. The machine learning/AI element in the solution means that the responses in Automatic Answers are not only reading and responding specifically to what you the customer is asking, but also the technology gets smarter with each interaction due to feedback received from customers and agents.

For more information about Answer Bot’s capabilities and available plans, please send us a contact request.

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