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Software Update: The new and improved UX for SugarCRM

By 9 April 2018June 8th, 2022No Comments

SugarCRM have launched a new UX, which has a novel visual design that facilitates decision making more intelligently and quickly. Changes to your user experience will help your team better understand Sugar’s functionality, making it easier to integrate software into your current work processes. Thanks to the monitoring of the sales process from start to finish and the integration of customer data throughout the process, you can sell more intelligently, close agreements and help your team achieve better results. A complimentary release to SugarCRM’s Sugar Mobile 6.0.0 last year.

In response to valuable comments from customers, SugarCRM has improved over 100 aspects of the software, focusing its design on the user’s ability to perform their work. The CRM software has been redesigned, allowing improvements. Such as the reorganisation of the user experience to make work more efficient, whilst giving the UI a facelift. All this has a great impact on the daily use of the tool, resulting in an accessible and simplified experience.

The changes have been developed based on three design principles; clarity, consistency and efficiency. The fundamentals have guided every decision made during the update process. This has helped SugarCRM find solutions to the most common demands of CRM users.

The benefits of CRM software for your company

As CRM tools become more prominent in the workplace, it also becomes important for any organisation to consider how they can be integrated into existing processes. SugarCRM has been designed with the user in mind. Whether it is going to be used by the sales team to prioritise leads or to follow up on customer data, all the information is accessible and easy to use.

Use your CRM software to make decisions

Making the right decisions for your clients has never been so easy. With the ‘Collaboration Panel’ you can share information with all your team and stay informed about the sales opportunities. Instant updates and event notifications allow you to keep up with the new developments in real time. In addition, any information about the activity history of your clients, the messages on their accounts, the decisions of internal accounts, as well as the details of important contacts, will be automatically saved for future use. With the ‘Intelligent Panel’ you can also track your client’s online activity. From their Twitter network and financial situation, to their presence in the news.

Integrate CRM software to your current processes

Sugar fits perfectly into your current processes by integrating with a multitude of apps and email managers. We offer connectors available for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, among many others, to integrate productivity tools under the same interface. In addition, the CRM platform also includes all the features you’d expect. Such as the ability to store emails or send them directly from Sugar. The synchronisation of your calendars and schedules. As well as the possibility of increasing your productivity through the distribution of common tasks. SugarCRM is available in 120 countries and in 26 languages. Meaning you can deploy it anywhere in the world; operating the software the way you want.

It also includes functionality launches last year called Hint. A feature that automatically finds out more about your contacts.

Really understand every aspect of your sales process

SugarCRM serves much more than just helping your team with existing sales processes. The software provides your company with key knowledge through charts and active dashlets. Providing you with essential information related to the fulfilment of objectives. You can also track incidents with customers, improve response times to your tickets and enquiries, and control customer satisfaction in a global way.

Due to the complexity of the current business environment, you may find that it can be difficult for your organisation to reach its full potential. Through the integration of the new and improved SugarCRM platform, you can get the most out of your business. By improving relationships with your customers, enhancing the performance of your team and helping to improve the quality of sales processes.

The new SugarCRM UX will be available to customers with on-premise versions starting with the Spring’18 release.