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The Future of AI: Predictions for 2022

By 28 February 2022June 8th, 2022No Comments

In 2021, various advancements in artificial intelligence came to light. From computer vision and edge AI to responsible AI, software coding and more, it felt as though every day brought a new breakthrough. Throughout the year, companies came to realise that they must be well-versed in AI tech in order to bring the best value to their workforces, customers and products.

According to a new Forrester report, this year, forward-thinking companies will ‘take advantage of the breakneck innovation in AI technologies to bolster their teams with design and testing competencies, incorporate responsible AI practices, create immersive experiences with computer vision (CV) for their workforce and even deploy AI to drive innovation.’

Investment in AI isn’t stopping anytime soon. The next wave of AI will be ‘responsible, immersive, creative and embedded.’

So, what exactly does 2022 have in store?

The Next Wave of AI

Last year, enterprises adopted AI en masse, making it even more critical to future business success. Thanks to the way AI enables speed, creativity, connectedness and an interdisciplinary approach, corporations that implement these technologies are well positioned to jump ahead of the game.

The top areas of interest according to the Forrester report include:

Embedded AI. One in five organisations will invest heavily in ‘AI inside’ in order to improve their real-time response capabilities. ‘AI inside’ refers to AI being embedded in all parts of the business, from its very structure to its day-to-day operations. This helps bridge the gap between business and customers.

In 2022, the use of real-time systems infused with AI is expected to increase by 20%, removing the latency between insight, decision and results. Enterprises embarking on embedded AI initiatives should ‘align process journey maps to decision flows, insight flows and data flows to ensure the highest potential from AI.

Responsible AI. This market is predicted to double in 2022. Companies with responsible AI can ensure that principles such as transparency and fairness are truly being followed. Right now, it’s valued at around €67 million, but it’s likely that demand for these solutions will double in the coming year.

Existing machine learning vendors like DataRobot, Google and Microsoft will likely acquire specialised responsible AI vendors such as TruEra and CognitiveScale. So, enterprises that choose to invest in responsible AI will have the opportunity to incorporate concepts such as planned bias detection, interpretability and model lineage capabilities into their business models.

3D Computer Vision. This will bring the metaverse, where physical and digital meet, to life in 2022. The consumer metaverse bubble is expected to explode in 2022 thanks to ‘regulations in cryptocurrency and gaming, insufficient connectivity for real-time experience and the lack of mechanisms to overcome foul play.’

The next step is clear: 3D computer vision is critical for the successful construction of the metaverse, relying on unique rendering and recognition abilities as well as precise, multitarget, real-time positioning.

Forrester reports that 15% of non-tech companies will look for AI specialists in their teams.

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Why Now?

As AI adoption grows, more brands hope to count on software engineering design practices to create AI-infused products and applications. These skills previously only mattered for the tech elite, but now they are applicable everywhere.

Regardless of industry, the best companies will include customer experience designers and software testing experts early on in the development of their AI projects.

‘Creativity was once thought to be the sole provenance of humans.’ But now we know better.

Last year, a creative AI system in South Africa called DABUS earned a patent, the first non-human patent awarded. This will stimulate further innovation in creative AI as we move into 2022.

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