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Summer 2018: New features with the SugarCRM update

By 13 September 2018June 9th, 2022No Comments

SugarCRM has announced new products with its update (release 8.1), which is available to all customers in the Sugar cloud.

In the following video, Clint Oram, Director of Marketing and Co-Founder of SugarCRM, talks about the improvements included in this new release, focusing on enhancing collaboration, user experience and data privacy.


Out-of-the-Box Reports

This new release includes 110 Out-of-the-Box Reports. 60 of these new reports include graphics that allow users quick and easy data access.


Report distribution

The new Scheduled Reports function allows users to decide and program when reports will be sent to themselves or other users.

New login page

The Sugar login screen has been updated to give users a more collaborative experience. Users now have important information about SugarCRM readily available, to stay informed on product updates, useful resources, and more.

Those Sugar users with custom login screens will find that they are automatically deactivated upon upgrading to the new version. This option can be re-configured by Sugar administrators.

User experience

Use of emojis

Organisations are increasingly incorporating emojis into their business communications. Users can now use emojis in text fields and Sugar supports emojis in all incoming and outgoing communications.

Automatically archive emails in Outlook

With the SugarCRM Plug-in for Outlook, emails can now be archived automatically. When activated, all emails sent to or received from leads or contacts (which are discharged in the CRM), are automatically archived in their respective records in Sugar.

Advanced Workflow

Importing and exporting process definitions, business rules and email templates.

Email templates and business process rules are automatically exported as part of the .bmp file. This will streamline the importing process and facilitate the design, execution and iteration of Advanced Workflows that are in the development or storage stages before they are used in production.

Beginning of events for related records

When more than one related record is affected by a process definition Start Event, the administrator can specify whether the criteria should apply to all related records or only one or more of the related records. This allows actions to be selected based on what happens in multiple records.

Activities in event-based processes

Activity elements can now be incorporated into event-based processes that allow gateways to detect if a form activity has been completed before a condition has been met or within a set time period.

These Advanced Workflow functions are only available in the Enterprise and Ultimate Editions of SugarCRM.

Privacy policy

Opt-In Link

Users can now create an opt-in link to send to customers. By clicking on the link, their email address will be marked as ‘opt-in’ and they will giving their clear and explicit consent. This feature can also be used to enable a double opt-in system.

Activity Streams

Upon deleting personal information through the data privacy function, Activity Stream publication values will be eliminated and replaced with a ‘value deleted’ notification.

For more information, please visit SugarCRM Support.