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New Release: SugarCRM launches new features for Sugar Mobile helping customers create a unique CRM experience

By 27 April 2017June 8th, 2022No Comments

A mobile CRM app is an effective way to increase sales productivity on the go. Sales reps gain instant access to all customer data, and quickly perform all required sales activities.

Continuing to push the transformation of its enterprise mobile technology, SugarCRM has announced the release of Sugar Mobile 5.0. This new announcement continue to embody SugarCRM’s “mobile first” strategy. We announced SugarCRM introduces Mobile Application Configuration Service (MACS) here too.

New features in SugarCRM mobile app 5.0.

Enhanced User Experience:

The new version of SugarCRM’s mobile app introduces a redesigned user experience based on customer feedback, with improved navigation and re-ordered tabs and elements. Reducing and keeping clicks easy to reach critical CRM data.

Support for Apple Touch ID:

Sugar Mobile 5.0 now supports Apple Touch ID. Touch ID is one of the most secure ways to authenticate users within iOS apps, making the login experience more simple, convenient and user-friendly.

sugarcrm mobile appCreate a customised enterprise App:

Through the new Sugar MACS service, customers can add their own company name and logo, and select the color they want to display in the background of the login, splash, and loading screens. No coding is required and with a few simple clicks, administrators can generate a custom app that supports the organisation’s branding, look and feel.

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM):

Enterprises now have a more secure way to distribute and manage the SugarCRM mobile app with EMM support. By using “app wrapping”, Sugar administrators can control who gets access to the SugarCRM Mobile app and when. Sugar Mobile 5.0 also includes the AppConfig standard, which makes it easier for administrators to manage the app using Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solutions.

Deep Linking:

Deep Linking allows links to be created that push a user directly into a record or page in SugarCRM Mobile. Mobile deep links mean the user can click on a link and it will launch the SugarCRM Mobile app. Deep linking can be used to perform many tasks, including viewing, creating, and editing records.

Sugar Mobile is available for all Sugar Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate customers. Users can be productive even when they aren’t connected to Wi-Fi, thanks to its “offline storage mode”. It also includes voice-to-text to optimise sales productivity. Mobile 5.0 can be downloaded on app stores today for organisations using Sugar 7.7 and above.

This new release by SugarCRM strengthens their ability to support sales professionals as they travel the world, enabling them to keep in touch with their customers in a fast and easy way.

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If you need further information about this new Sugar app, contact one of our SugarCRM experts.