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SugarCRM Hits the Sweet Spot for Value for the Second Year

By 18 July 2022October 5th, 2022No Comments

Our partner SugarCRM has been placed in the Leader’s Quadrant of the Nucleus Research CRM Technology Value Matrix for the second consecutive year. Vendors are positioned on this matrix based on the relative usability and functionality of their solutions, informed by customer and user conversations, vendor participation, and assessment of technology deployments.  

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a highly competitive area. The relationship between organisations and customers has become increasingly complex, with growing demand from consumers to interact with organisations across multiple channels and the resulting need for CRM strategies to meet this demand. SugarCRM’s comprehensive solution suite – now with increased out-of-the-box functionality – ensures the company’s continued position as an industry leader. 

New Capabilities and Enhancements for Improved Customer Experience 

SugarCRM’s core offering combines sales, marketing, and customer support automation in one easy-to-deploy package. And as a SugarCRM partner, we here at redk understand that when it comes to sales performance optimisation, it’s all about how well organisations know their customers and how fast they can be. Over the last year, the company has focused on automating additional processes, improving user experiences, and providing better customer insights and predictions.  

‘SugarCRM […] equips users with cross-platform services that feature in-house BI, sales intelligence, workflow automation, and predictive AI’ – Nucleus Research 

These improvements include enhancements to integration between the marketing and sales solutions, SugarMarket and SugarSell, allowing users to fine-tune the data shared between the two. This optimises collaboration and reduces the time needed for agents to access relevant information – providing a smoother experience for the customer while also streamlining processes.  

To further improve customer experience, the SugarServe customer service platform aggregates customer interactions and provides all the information needed to resolve customers’ issues from a single screen. As SugarServe and SugarSell share a common data platform, there’s no need for agents to switch between applications or keep data in sync. 

AI-Powered Predictions Save Time, Increase Accuracy 

During the last year, SugarCRM also announced several impressive new features, bringing increased functionality to the existing product suite. In July 2021, the company announced its new AI engine, SugarPredict, which analyses customer data not only in SugarMarket and SugarSell, but also from external data sources, enabling business-critical predictions even with limited or incomplete CRM data. It’s now embedded within the SugarLive multichannel customer communications application. 

‘SugarPredict algorithms identify signals with over 80% greater accuracy than rule-based approaches’ – SugarCRM 

SugarPredict uses automated machine learning (AutoML) to identify patterns and trends, predicting lead interest and likelihood to convert, as well as highlighting customers most likely to churn. Additionally, SugarPredict ensures that no personally-identifiable information is exposed to users – so you can rest assured that the security and privacy of your customers’ data are never compromised. 

Integrated Playbook for a Smoother Customer Journey 

In February 2022, SugarCRM acquired AddOptify, a provider of ‘no-code’ design tools that enable non-technical business users to build customer journeys. This toolset helps users to design, visualise and automate sales, service, and marketing processes, while significantly reducing the number of clicks required. 

‘SugarCRM estimates that its new functionality will eliminate up to 90% of clicks across particular processes and customer journeys’ – CX Today 

SugarCRM intends to develop this approach further, providing additional out-of-the-box playbooks and templates for many more CRM processes. Lead qualification, customer onboarding, case management, and troubleshooting have all been identified as areas for future development.  

SugarOutfitters Smartens Up with New Add-Ons 

SugarOutfitters, SugarCRM’s third-party application marketplace with access to over 200 extensions and integrations, is also undergoing a transformation. Within three months, SugarOutfitters has published 38 new add-ons, including integrations to market-leading vendors such as Shopify, HubSpot, and Zendesk, and new add-ons are being published every week.  

‘SugarOutfitters supports swift implementation and will reduce or eliminate an organisation’s need to maintain disparate applications’ – Nucleus Research 

Other planned enhancements include updating the SugarOutfitters home page, implementing single sign-on, and building an expanded Add-On certification program to help customers identify the best add-ons. These plans are testimony to SugarCRM’s commitment to streamlining processes and eliminating the need for companies to maintain disparate applications. 

We at redk are the trusted SugarCRM partner for successful brands. As an elite SugarCRM partner for over 14 years, many successful brands have chosen redk as their service transformation partner. Talk to us about how our Sales Performance Optimisation services can help you transform your customer experience. 

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