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New Release: SugarCRM UK launches new feature that automatically finds out more about your contacts

By 8 November 2017June 8th, 2022No Comments

UK-based Sugar Customers will now benefit from Hint, SugarCRM’s first relationship intelligence product. This product was launched this past July in the US, and now the company has announced its availability in the UK and the Netherlands.

How does SugarCRM Hint work?

Hint has been designed to provide sales people with all the customer contact and social network information they need and quickly sync it with the CRM. Hint accelerates call and meeting preparation times.

1. Just enter a name and email Address into your Sugar instance

Using SugarCRM Hint get a full social profile of your customers with minimal data input. All you need is a name and email address.

2. Collect data from different online sources to enrich your customer’s profile

SugarCRM Hint gathers, analyzes and displays relevant customer information from different online data sources

3. Select the information you want to import into your CRM

SugarCRM Hint users can update a CRM record in few clicks

4. Track interactions

SugarCRM Hint Activity History

For sales teams, Hint lets users sync specific data and quickly pull it into the CRM profile, saving them time on researching and reporting data into the CRM. In a recent survey of sales people, Nucleus Research found that Hint could save an average of 17 minutes per lead, delivering payback in less than a month based on just two calls.

“The average Sales rep spends over 30% of their time researching and entering data.”

SugarCRM Hint is available for Sugar 7.8 and above, at $15 per user for each month of the subscription. Contact us to request a product demo.