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SugarCon 2017 recap: Introducing the new SugarCRM Mobile SDK

By 4 October 2017June 8th, 2022No Comments

Every year SugarCRM holds the SugarCon event for its partners, CRM experts, customers, and professionals around the globe. During this 3 day conference SugarCRM shares its vision for the future and announces key product innovations in a keynote delivered by SugarCRM and CRM expert panelists. This year’s SugarCon celebrates the CRM heroes who are always looking for new ways to “save the day” for their organisations.

We’ve highlighted here some of the big announcements:

New SugarCRM release model

Sugar has announced a new product release model with the objective of accelerating the deliverability of its technology innovations to market and increate its product quality.

The new model plans to ship 4 quarterly releases for SugarCRM cloud instances (Sugar’s on-demand cloud) starting October 20th, 2017. Sugar On-Demand will increase its release cadence to a quarterly cycle, delivering a more stable and higher quality product. This means customers can count on faster product innovation with each quarterly Sugar On-Demand release.

Sugar On-Premise releases will move to a more predictable annual release model aligning with each year’s Spring On-Demand release. Each On-Premise release will roll up “production hardened” features from the preceding Summer, Fall, and Winter Sugar On-Demand releases. This annual feature roll up will give customers more foresight to plan and coordinating their Sugar On-Premise upgrade.

Relationship Intelligence product line enhancements

SugarCRM announced significant updates to Hint, its Relationship Intelligence product. The original version of Hint was introduced in June (only available in U.S.). Hint gathers data about customers and prospects from a broad range of social and business sources to help sales people more quickly establish relationships.

From only a name and email address, SugarCRM’s Hint automatically searches for and refines personal and corporate profile details for that contact and loads it directly into the CRM profile. The new version of Hint now provides recent news articles about the contact’s organisation with automatic updates to alert Sugar users to real-time developments that may signal an opportunity.
Hint is compatible with Sugar 7.8 or later. The new version of SugarCRM including the upgraded Hint will be available on Oct. 5 for an introductory price of $15 per user per month and has been broadened to include support for contacts in the U.K., Netherlands, and Canada.

SugarCRM is also introducing a new intelligent digital assistant that integrates with a user’s smartphone to provide details and background information prior to business meetings. This new personal assistant utilises an “intelligence calendar” and expanded geographical support to provide logistical and strategic information about each scheduled meeting. For example, users can schedule the app to display a meeting’s subject matter, directions to the location, and time. It also provides a summary of the contacts who will participate and profiles that encompass social and public information via Hint.

SugarCRM Hint - Intelligence relationship product

New Mobile SDK

SugarCRM announced the availability of its new mobile software development kit (SDK) enabling companies to develop purpose-built mobile applications faster, and at a lower cost.

Now, SugarCRM customers can benefit from how easy and quick it is to build customisations for Sugar Mobile App. With the launch of the SDK, companies can now develop purpose-built mobile applications for individuals, roles, and teams to make the mobile experience more productive for their employees.

The mobile SDK’s formalised, public APIs and guidelines will help developers extend Sugar Mobile in an upgrade-safe manner. SugarCRM has done the heavy lifting so customers do not need to build their own applications from scratch. Common examples of customisations are integration with enterprise-ready mobile device management tools, custom fields, views, and buttons; integration with native device capabilities like GPS and the camera; and custom styling, theming, and navigation.

The Sugar Mobile app is available for all Sugar Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate customers. The app includes many advanced features such as offline storage mode, single sign-on connectivity, and mobile device management capabilities.

Act-On Marketing Automation strategic partnership

During SugarCon, Act-On, a marketing automation vendor, announced a new bundle offering designed to complement Sugar’s integration. Act-On for Sugar not only includes a native CRM Integration, but also provides access to Engagement Insights for real-time analytics and reporting, coupled with premier support to help Sugar users get the most out of their marketing automation investment.

This integration helps users see marketing history and updates in their Sugar instances without exiting the application. The Act-On for Sugar bundle includes:

· Native SugarCRM integration. Act-On automatically updates contact and lead records in Sugar, providing key insight into customer behaviour and allowing for relevant conversations to take place at precisely the right time. Features include, Act-On Email, Lead Scoring, Hot Prospects and Activity History, and bi-directional synchronisation.

· Engagement Insights. Users can easily access and share marketing data across the organisation through exportable reports and live-updated templates in Google Sheets – offering deeper insight into the performance of marketing channels, automated programs, and campaigns.

· Premier-level Act-On support. Sugar users have access to resources beyond the standard support offering including 24-hour assistance, with options for priority case routing and accelerated response SLAs, and phone line access to a team of technology experts.

If you want to learn more about Act-On, contact one of our experts.