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Sugar Discover: Smart Data At Your Fingertips

By 15 July 2020June 7th, 2022No Comments

Sugar Discover is a purpose-built analytics solution for SugarCRM which provides immediate pipeline insights.

Time is gold, this is in Life as it is in Business. Adding Sugar Discover to your CRM will give you smart data to make better decisions in less time which will impact your business for good. It gives you high-value metrics of your sales performance, enabling you not only to track sales overtime but compare how the sales reps are doing, develop strategies based on immediate pipeline insights and give you insights to train the team to sell better to customers and prospects.

Sugar Discover leverages advanced machine learning to automatically perform root cause analysis and surface what is driving change. Because Sugar is the only CX platform built on a cutting-edge time-aware data technology that records every change in the customer journey to rewind the past and predict the future. These are its core capabilities:

  • Predict Pipeline Insights
  • Automated Analytics
  • Root cause identification
  • Historical context No more spreadsheets
  • Effortless Analysis

Predict Pipeline Insights

Immediate insights with no complicated setup nor integration needed, SugarDiscover unlocks growth.

Driven by AI engine, you will be able to predict bottlenecks in the pipeline, get pre-integrated Cloud Datamart which means you will get faster time-to-value and an immediate view of sales performance.

Automated Analytics

Sugar Discover continuously tracks key sales metrics, automatically letting you know when the trend is significantly above or below target. Because it comes with an extensive, out-of-the-box set of smart metrics and analytics to track trends. Including conversion rates, pipeline generation, sales velocity and much more data at your fingertips.

Root cause identification

Its got a panel that shows you related facts and patterns, dynamically generated as you explore data so as a result, unlike general-purpose business intelligence tools Sugar Discover really provides an augmented analytics experience. It is called Discovery Insights which helps you quickly identify root causes and take action where is needed. You can also forecast management by understanding the current pipeline and applying historical factors.

Sugar Discover continuously tracks key sales metrics, automatically letting you know when the trend is significantly above or below target.

Historical context without spreadsheets

Time-Aware data, powered by a high-performance analytics engine that automatically tracks changes in opportunities over time. Sugar Discover makes it simple to visualise historical trends of performance metrics, compare current and past performance, perform cohort analysis and many other use cases that typically involve copying and pasting snapshots of data into spreadsheets.

Effortless Analysis

Sugar Discover is Easy Analytics because no matter the technical skill levels you have, this solution empowers all users to make data-driven decisions. Main features that make this possible are: intuitive drag-and-drop report design, powerful filtering capabilities, Discovery insights and ability to create custom metrics with calculated fields.

Sugar Discover is a powerful tool to unlock the power of time so you can have data automatically, a solution to impact your business and get instant revenue analytics. Combined with Sugar Sell is a powerful set of tools to take your Sales Strategy to the next level.

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