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redk Signs Agreement with Mindsay to Improve Customer Experience

By 21 June 2021June 7th, 2022No Comments

According to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2021, 50% of customers switch brands after a bad customer service experience. The majority of these negative experiences are due to long wait times, automated systems that make direct contact with agents difficult, and having to repeat the same information multiple times.

‘All of our agents are busy at this time. Please stay on the line and an agent will be with you shortly.’ The level of frustration caused by such messages is matched only by the amount of brand dissatisfaction they produce. At a time of digital transformation where users have come to expect an immediate response and loyalty is increasingly difficult to obtain, organisations cannot afford to deliver an unsatisfactory customer experience.

Providing the immediate, high-quality service expected by today’s digital customers requires companies to find new ways to optimise their customer service and offer effective and immediate responses.

Chatbots – conversational robots that use artificial intelligence – are a key tool for responding to individual customer needs quickly and efficiently.

A new generation of virtual assistants

Virtual assistant technology has significantly advanced in recent years. Chatbots now have the ability to hold fluid conversations with customers and can resolve their queries with agility, taking over many of the interactions that previously required a physical agent. Delegating these queries to virtual assistants leads to a considerable increase in productivity. Agents are no longer dealing with simple routine issues and can devote their time to more productive tasks that improve the quality of customer interactions.

Moreover, the robotic voices that looped users from one pre-recorded message to the next are now a distant memory. Virtual assistants are able to provide immediate responses and simulate human-like interactions, mainly in text or audio format.

‘redk will now recommend the use of Mindsay in projects that require a personalised service to improve the customer experience. Mindsay’s technology integrates with the main CRM platforms in the market to empower agents to seamlessly flow in and out of conversations, ensuring flawless and efficient customer service.’

Guillaume Laporte, CEO and Co-founder, Mindsay

‘Reporting, analytics and intelligence that guide CRM user actions rest on customer data, so it’s imperative that the data be accurate and secure.’

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redk + Mindsay: a winning collaboration

At redk, we have recently signed a strategic alliance with the chatbot platform Mindsay. Thanks to this collaboration, we can help our clients further improve their customer experience through omnichannel management, as well as offer the option to integrate chatbot systems into their customer service strategy.

Implementing this innovative technology into CRM systems enables companies to significantly increase query resolution time and deliver the quality service customers expect.

Baleària’s success

We have already implemented chatbot technology to great success for a number of our clients. One such success story is the digital transformation of Baleària – one of Spain’s leading maritime transport companies – which has a significant volume of interactions with users at all stages of their experience.

The integration of Mindsay’s conversational chatbot with Zendesk’s solution helped Baleària to immediately speed up the resolution of queries. The bot automatically responds to the simplest requests, such as finding out the status of a reservation or making changes to dates and payments. Thanks to this, Baleària has seen a significant reduction in waiting times and an increase in user satisfaction.

With more than 15 years of experience in CRM transformation projects, we at redk can help you integrate Mindsay’s technology into your CRM solutions. Reach out today to improve your customer experience and enhance your teams’ productivity.

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