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Meet the new Zendesk Guide Enterprise

By 25 September 2018June 8th, 2022No Comments

Planning a business strategy that produces measurable results pivots on your company’s effective use of data and information. While this applies to every aspect of your business practices, it is increasingly important when it comes to customer service. The fact is, customer expectations have changed and business must live up to expectations if they want to thrive.

The modern customer expects a fast and transparent multi-channel service that is tailored to their specific needs, no matter where they are on the customer journey. 91% of surveyed consumers report frustration if information is not readily available. This, compounded with changing trends in service expectations and an overall drop in customer satisfaction, makes it vital for companies to optimise they way they process and share information to encourage customer loyalty.

Zendesk is a comprehensive, user-friendly customer service platform that is helping businesses to easily and effectively manage their information to stimulate loyalty while boosting financial return. This best-in-class software is designed to address the needs of any company when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience and using this as a competitive edge.

Zendesk Guide – Customer-centric software
According to Forbes, Fortune 500 companies lose up to $31.5 billion each year by failing to effectively share knowledge with their customers. Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base, designed to address this specific issue.

By seamlessly processing and leveraging available information, this software enables businesses to provide valuable and qualitative customer support. With Guide, you can easily build an effective, up-to-date self-help centre, online communities, and customer service portals. This not only enables customers to better self-service, but it also frees up agents, allowing them to work more efficiently when dealing with case escalation.

Zendesk Guide Plans – Tailored to your business’ needs

There are a number of factors that businesses must take into account when it comes to designing a customer service strategy, such as its size, rate of growth, target consumer, or any number of mitigating factors. Zendesk Guide offers three separate plans to allow each company access to the features that match their needs: Lite, Professional, and Enterprise.

The Lite plan is a free version of the software, perfect for companies looking to optimise their customer assistance processes. With its painless UX, businesses can streamline internal procedures, while exploring the financial and organisational potential of a solid customer management strategy. Specific features include gathering a knowledge base, providing a support request form, Google Analytics reporting, and access to the Knowledge Capture app.

Zendesk Guide Professional takes the Lite functions further, providing more coherent knowledge management tools for companies with an international focus, or those scaling up their customer service procedures. This plan allows companies to customise themes, access content in over 40 languages, enhance Knowledge Capture app features, and track performance with intuitive dashboards. Furthermore, it facilitates the creation of an improved agent knowledge base, customer request portals, and community forums.

The newly released Zendesk Guide Enterprise Plan offers an entirely comprehensive platform for large companies with substantial sales agent bodies and a vast knowledge base. A sizable sales team makes sharing timely information more challenging—and more crucial—when it comes to providing a quality service. Building on the features of Lite and Professional, the Enterprise plan introduces new features to streamline sales agents’ jobs and enable multiple teams to easily check content before publication.

Zendesk Guide Enterprise Features:

Team Publishing
With the Team Publishing feature, sales teams can build complex knowledge-management workflows, aiding cross-company content collaboration on a large scale. Through these workflows, teams seamlessly review, approve, and publish content, while also staging updates without affecting live content.

Content Cues
Enterprise’s Content Cues helps team members to concentrate on content that truly engages with the target. By automatically reviewing incoming support tickets and existing help centre articles, the machine-learning based feature identifies knowledge gaps, allowing content managers to then develop relevant material for the customer.

Content Cues also streamlines the content-searching process, which can often occupy up to 30% of a sales agent’s time. This makes content more accessible to both sales agents and customers, as Content Cues populates search labels within existing articles, while also providing accurate SEO feedback.

Choose the best software to achieve your customer service objectives

Zendesk Guide is versatile and easy-to-use software that will help your company create a strong knowledge base to deliver a better customer support service. Depending on your company’s current objectives, each plan can bring measurable value to your customer-focused processes. Provide a customer service that helps drive your bottom line with the Zendesk Guide Lite, Professional, or Enterprise plan.