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New Release: SugarCRM 7.11 – it’s here!

By 1 February 2018June 8th, 2022No Comments

SugarCRM has launched their Winter’18 Release including a breadth of exciting new features and a redesigned look and feel to the CRM platform. With this new release (for now only available to SugarCRM on-demand customers) the CRM provider holds a strong belief that the quality and efficiency of the experience that consumers enjoy on their phones, tablets and laptops, needs to replace the legacy designs of enterprise applications.

Sugar has introduced a new UX, improving user interface and providing a modernised architecture. This clear, consistent and efficient approach provides a great user experience in order to promote a better user adoption.

New SugarCRM UX

New record view:

SugarCRM New user experience

New product Catalog Dashlet

This SugarCRM release also brings new features, such as a new dashlet within the quotes module that will help users navigate the product catalog, find items they’re looking for and quickly add them to a quote.
This new dashlet puts important data right at the user’s fingertips and makes it easier for users to quickly create and edit quotes.

What this video to see how it works:

Actionable Drill Through Charts

This new capability provides the ability to see the data behind the charts in reports. As a user, when looking at a report, you want to get more insights to the data. Let’s say you are looking at a pipeline report and you want to see the open opportunities within a specific stage. You should be able to simply click on the relevant section of the chart and see the details.
Now not only can you see the details behind the chart, you can even take actions on them. For example, you can edit the data right there, in the detailed view.
You can carry out all of the actions on the data that you might do on your list view (such as edit, delete, convert, mass update, etc.). In fact, the detailed data on the chart is actually the same as in list view, but instead it contains only the data relevant to the area of the chart on which you have clicked.

Learn more about what’s included in this new release here.