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When it comes to accessing online services, users prefer to use mobile phones over other devices. And, in terms of customer support channels, 52% of consumers prefer to send text messages rather than use other interaction channels. While texting may be a less personal channel than phone calls, it’s more efficient than email. A traditional SMS guarantees that the recipient receives the information, and data shows that on average, texts are read within three minutes of being received.

With the growth of mobile apps, consumers now expect to be able to send messages to companies whenever they need assistance. To help companies meet this growing demand, Zendesk has recently announced the availability of Text, a feature within the Zendesk Talk platform. This new feature gives customer support teams the means to provide assistance to their customers directly from the Zendesk ticketing system via SMS.

SMS, the ‘new’ way to provide customer support

With Text, teams can assist customers via SMS as easily and confidently as through any other support channels. We know that the traditional text messages we receive have a 98% opening rate, making texting one of the most effective and personal ways to communicate.

In addition, inbound messages automatically create tickets, and the agent’s response is also sent as an SMS. To reduce response, teams can optimise workflows by using macros, triggers or other ways of automatically scaling tickets. For example, transportation companies that offer urgent delivery services can use Text so that their customers know when an order or service is on its way and can follow the delivery process.

Take the initiative and be proactive with customers

Companies can interact with customers on a personal level with proactive text messages. For example, companies in the retail industry can send proactive text messages to their VIP clients who have not made any recent purchases, informing them of their perks. The customer can benefit from these more personalised messages and sales representatives can help increase repeat-purchase rates.

Help your team deliver timely service

Customer Support agents can send alerts to technicians or other agents when a customer requests a specific service or for emergency support. Also, since it doesn’t require any additional programming or software, Zendesk users can start using Text immediately. We talk about more Customer Experience trends in our latest 2018 blog here.

Being available on both the Basic and the Advanced plans of Zendesk Talk, Text enables companies to give their customers a single phone number to both text and call for support.

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