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New Release: Convert leads on-the-go with SugarCRM Mobile App 6.0.0

By 18 October 2017June 8th, 2022No Comments

SugarCRM launched a new SugarCRM Mobile App 6.0.0 that includes the ability to convert leads using the mobile app and enhancements in its UX. This new feature is compatible with Sugar Version and above.

This is probably one of the most requested features, and users now have the ability to convert qualified leads into contacts, accounts, and opportunities using the mobile app with a few taps on their iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

You won’t need special access as this feature is generally available for all users with access to the Leads module on their Sugar Mobile App.

New Lead Conversion features in SugarCRM Mobile App:

After a lead is qualified and the sales person or lead qualification manager determines that this prospect could go through the sales funnel and generate revenue, the user should tap on the Convert Button in the Actions menu.

SugarCRM Mobile App 6.0.0 allows lead conversion process

When the lead is converted, a new contact record is created in your Sugar instance with a relationship to the original lead record. In addition, the lead conversion process gives users the ability to create an account and opportunity record. The data will be pre-populated with the lead’s values. Update any necessary fields and save your changes to relate the new record to the lead. Explore Hint to find out more about your prospects.

To perform the lead conversion process you will need an internet connection on your mobile device.

How to convert leads using SugarCRM Mobile App?

You can also create tasks, cases, notes, RLI (Enterprise or Ultimate Editions), or any other custom module during the lead conversion process.

Converting Leads in Sugar is easier than ever with the mobile app. You can quickly create new record details with a few clicks on any device. This is great specially for those who spend a lot of the time travelling from client to client.

SugarCRM Mobile 6.0.0 is compatible with Sugar 7.7 and above. Find more information about the new SugarCRM Mobile App versio here.