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3 ways CRM gamification will drive your employee’s performance

By 13 September 2017June 8th, 2022No Comments

Top business leaders are taking a new approach to increasing productivity. Following a push within the industry to drive employee performance by prioritising a happier working environment, CRM gamification has emerged as the latest way to encourage your team. CRM gamification strategies not only serve to motivate your sales team, but also to track employee progress and performance, as well as enhance collaboration between team members.

How can organisations use gamification?

Gamification works by applying game mechanics to non-game contexts, such as case management, attendance, or client interaction. The principal aim of CRM gamification is to encourage your team to increase self-contributions. However, this strategy can also be used to teach new skills, entertain your employees, as well as evaluate sales professionals in a variety of contexts.

Here are three ways CRM gamification will help you meet the goals of your business and enhance the overall performance of your sales team.

1. Increase employee motivation through healthy competition

In addition to allowing employees a more entertaining way to work, CRM gamification plays into individuals’ competitive natures. This kind of healthy competition will enhance individual and team performance, which in turn generates revenue and increases profits for your organisation.

Splash, a CRM Gamification Engine and SugarCRM plug-in, allows you to harness the competitive drive of your sales professionals by tracking performance. High-performing team members are recognised and celebrated on leaderboards. Thanks to built-in integration with Hoopla, users can live stream leaderboards and track results.

Splash, CRM Gamification Add-On for SugarCRM

2. Boost employee collaboration with team goal-setting

CRM gamification gives you the tools you need to enhance individual and team-wide performance. By setting collective goals and incentives, you not only improve the quality of the working environment, but you boost employee collaboration in the workplace. Encouraging this shift in goal-setting will benefit the long-term performance of your sales department.

With the Splash CRM Gamification Engine, you can create leaderboards to recognise individuals that make the effort to assist co-workers in a jam. Splash also allows you to create team leaderboards to track the achievements of your sales teams.

3. Improve employee morale and make your team happy

Arguably the greatest benefit of CRM gamification strategies is the resulting improvement in employee morale. When you make the effort to make your team happy, your business will see significant short and long-term results. Simply put, happy employees are more productive, more invested in their work, more interested in creating and meeting goals, and more motivated to contribute.

It is not uncommon for employees to become disengaged when performing repetitive, monotonous tasks. SugarCRM’s Splash extension helps to eliminate this monotony by tracking progress and achievements. Splash is also compatible with all major online rewards programmes, giving you the unique opportunity to offer spectacular prizes for sales professionals that meet their goals.

CRM software has been changing the way sales teams work and communicate. Tools like SugarCRM are greatly enhanced thanks to the use of gamification strategies. CRM gamification represents a fundamental shift in the way organisations think about employee incentivisation.

When your business constantly recognises high-performing individuals and teams, you are creating an environment in which talent and hard-work are always being rewarded. Not only will this encourage your employees to realise their full potential on a regular basis, but it will also create a highly positive work environment. This inevitably leads to a better customer service experience, and a sales team that is as productive as it is professional.