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3 CRM Trends to Look Out For in 2020

By 27 January 2020June 7th, 2022No Comments

As customer expectations continue to grow exponentially, having a competitive CRM approach that attracts and maintains customers is more critical than ever. In fact, in a recent study, 84% of buyers today believe that the experience a company provides is just as important as its products and services.

This means that while buyers are becoming increasingly self-sufficient, they continue to expect a smooth and accessible purchasing experience. Today, digital transformation and software innovation are taking the business industry by storm. While these rapidly changing times may seem daunting, by equipping sales, marketing, and customer service teams with an effective CRM, businesses can ensure this evolution in business happens seamlessly.

Here are the most important CRM trends to know in order to stay on top of the industry in 2020.

Human and AI engagement with buyers

While it’s true that AI and process automation are picking up steam, this tendency isn’t going to eliminate humans. In 2020, companies will focus on investing to recruit and train quality customer service agents to tackle complex tasks, whilst AI will be used to handle simpler ones. Unsurprisingly, 85% of decision-makers in the customer service industry believe investment in agents is crucial to improve their services.

Along these lines, Forrester reports that 57% of initial technology purchases are still made through the interaction with a salesperson. A solid CRM that stores customer data, records service issues, identifies sales opportunities and drives marketing campaigns, allows employees to stay connected and provide smooth customer experiences throughout the brand journey, all in the most efficient way possible.

This year, digital tools will continue to have an important role in simplifying and accelerating sales through intelligent automation, but human agents are here to stay.

Competitive marketing

With customers becoming increasingly demanding, their expectations and motivations will be playing a bigger role in companies’ marketing strategies. Forrester reports that ‘30% more organisations will shift toward audience-based structures’. In the new year, marketers will need to broaden their view of customer data and adapt their approach as they gain more insights into their audience.

As these changes – coupled with the increased importance of voice technology and natural language processing – take place, more CRM platforms will begin to integrate augmented reality and virtual reality into their customer engagement and consumer strategy. A good CRM will be able to use stored information to immediately and accurately respond to customers and drive a sale.

As a result, marketing will become more focused, meaningful and personalised in 2020.


85% of decision-makers in the customer service industry believe investment in agents is crucial to improve their services.

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An integrated, omnichannel approach

As customers continue to expect effortless communication with businesses, companies must unify all their communication channels into a single platform. In fact, 78% of customers expect consistent interaction across all departments. This means that going forward, companies will need to deliver a more fluid customer experience.

CRM platforms will need to be appropriately integrated with other business units and data sources so that customers can easily interact with different people in the business as well as digital tools throughout every step of the purchasing journey.

In the new year, companies will need a streamlined, centralised and effective CRM platform that provides a comprehensive view of the customer experience.

How redk can help

With technology quickly advancing, understanding how the business industry and customer needs are projected to evolve over the course of the year is critical in order to have an effective CRM.

Customer relationships are key to gaining and retaining customers and profit, and having the right CRM will help you drive your business forward and maintain a competitive edge.

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