Could your CRM be more effective at helping you to close more leads, make your teams more productive and generate more sales?

Increase your ROI for Sales & Marketing:
Understand how and why you should be optimising your processes to get the most from your CRM investment

Improve your teams productivity:
Fine-tune your CRM for your business, to help your teams improve their productivity

Creating a 360-degree view of your customers:
Improve your data and learn about seamless workflows

Learn more about the SugarCRM solution:
Find out how SugarCRM can help align these teams in one seamless platform


Many companies have a CRM but struggle when it comes to attributing ROI for marketing and sales. Our webinar can help you to maximise your ROI by optimising your CRM solution, improve your inter-team collaboration and by creating a 360-degree view of your customers through seamless workflows.

Technology is only ever as good as its implementation and redk will show you how to ensure you have invested wisely



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