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Engineering challenges are common in large-scale implementations. Benefit from over 15 years’ engineering experience to secure a robust and reliable CRM.

Best-in-class CRM Solutions

Your new implementation should have transformational results. At redk, our value goes beyond consultancy and technology to provide expert support with complex technical engineering challenges.

We specialise in implementing best-in-class CRM solutions for medium and large companies, focusing on optimising the security, platform and use of data.

For private cloud services, we work with Amazon Web Services and MS Azure, where a dedicated team is on hand to support us when needed.

When Modern Engineering And Proven Experience Come Together

We have been using the most up-to-date engineering practices for over 15 years

Our technology strategy for CRM is designed with your digital ecosystem in mind, while incorporating modern engineering concepts.

The methodology we follow ensures we can deliver with speed and quality to put us always at the forefront. With our advanced DevOps infrastructure, our Scrum teams deliver digital solutions at the pace of demand, building towards a full solution.

We only work with digital solutions that are fully secure and GDPR compliant in order to meet the requirements of modern-day businesses.

It's All About The Data

When applications work but there is something missing, it is often a data problem.

Often, the problem comes from data.

We are able to solve complex data problems including data integrity and data quality. By working alongside the client’s team, we address these complex and time-consuming issues in order to optimise your solution’s performance.

Integrating data within a SOA model is not as simple as it sounds. There are many factors involved with these integrations, requiring the right engineering know-how, experience and tools.

To ensure top quality, we work with solutions such as Scribe Soft by Tibco, Talend and Connecting Software.

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