Robotic Process Automation

The Cognitive Conversational Platform by redk

Your customers are mobile. Conversations happen on the go and your customers  want answers, quickly.

With Klint you can now empower your customers to open conversations through the most commonly used messaging platforms, intelligently automate and deliver a response and manage the customer journey through a centralised platform.

Connect your Customers with your Business

Klint connects the most common messaging platforms and channels all conversations through a process-automation platform that analyses requests and manages response, based on the objective meaning of the request and the sentiment of the sender.

The Klint platform then collects information from back office systems to rapidly respond to customers requests, or to escalate the conversation to a human, thus delivering a more effective service in a more resource-efficient way.

Leverage the Power of Robotic Process Automation

Klint is an intelligent platform, it gradually learns how to optimise processes saving you the precious time and cost of your human power.

This powerful platform connects to both, front end channels and back office systems, to systematically manage as many process as possible without human intervention, or managing the process cycle unit it needs escalating to a person.

This results in a huge saving of human time and effort, impacting positively on the bottom line and allowing you to scale up business operations.

A Better Customer Experience

Klint responds to live data from transactional systems to make conversations contextual & relevant. It does it faster than a human and in natural language, making the experience more “conversational”, more human.

Open Mobile Conversations

Your customers can start talking to your brand using their own messaging platforms. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and other apps can easily connect with Klint to channel conversations and improve the customer experience.

Integrated Back End Applications

Klint opens business processes from applications such as your CRM, e-Commerce, or ERP – empowering responses with all the information needed.

A.I. + Automation = Power

Klint utilises the most advanced AI platforms to understand your customer conversations & manage the response process intelligently. It can respond requests using information it collects from back office systems, or escalate the request to a human agent.

Integrate Business Applications to Optimise Performance

With it’s powerful API Klint integrates with the most common business applications in order to make interactions with customers more meaningful and real, providing a faster more accurate response and optimising the business process.

Leverage A.I. & Automation to Optimise Any Business Process

Klint is built using Amazon’s powerful server-less technology and Artificial Intelligence engines.

As it is a platform more than a product, it can be used to optimise any business process that has an input source (a request), analyse it using A.I. and coming it with  data from other systems to form a cohesive response, or carry out a process.

Our engineering team is putting this powerful technology at the service of brands looking at investing in innovation to optimise business processes and directly impact positively on the bottom line.

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