Empower your marketing team to produce complex, personalised B2B marketing campaigns that are automated to scale and integrated with your CRM.

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Act-On is an automated marketing platform that tailors to your digital strategy.

Act-On helps you maximise your marketing efforts by improving your understanding of the customer journey. Gain more insights thanks to better tracking, scoring, measuring and connecting with your digital traffic.

This allows you to learn and adapt, tailoring your marketing approach to individual buyer journeys in order to maximise your ROI.

B2B sales powered by Marketing Automation With Act-On

Marketing automation software that maximises lead generation while streamlining your sales operations

Inbound marketing

Act-On empowers your marketing team to build their own landing pages with the WYSIWYG editor.

Real-time monitoring provides full visibility of both known and unknown visitors to all your web properties.

Create, manage and optimise social media campaigns to boost community engagement and convert followers into qualified leads and customers.


Outbound marketing

Automated nurture campaigns can simplify your outbound marketing efforts by empowering your teams with easy-to-use workflows that help ensure your nurturing campaigns are successful.

With Act-On’s predefined or custom-made lead scoring templates, teams can spend less time on design, devoting their time to execution instead.

Optimise your lists by creating and segmenting your data in one location. What’s more, with unlimited segmentation options, you can effectively manage your data in the most convenient way for you. Once the data has been processed, you have the ability to send tailored and targeted messages to the right prospects, at the right time.

Act-On specialises in account-based marketing, allowing your teams to develop pinpoint targeted marketing across accounts. In this way, you can narrow your audience and tailor your message thanks to a host of options, including industry, geography and even revenue.

Marketing Automation + CRM = More Sales

Fuelled by our expertise, you can drive sales by streamlining marketing outputs into sales operations

Act-On features powerful funnel reporting from the outset. Learn from your prospects’ journeys at key intervals throughout the sales process. With this information, you can improve acquisition numbers, while identifying the perfect time to send specific messages.

Marketing automation produces a large amount of data. Act-On allows you to convert this information into actionable insights in an easy, meaningful way.

At redk, we have implemented Act-On for a number of businesses, empowering our clients’ sales and marketing teams to make better data-driven decisions – and target users based on these insights. This has helped drive their web traffic and boost revenue.

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