8×8 CRM Telephony

8×8 CRM telephony offering allows you to connect with your customers with one single cloud-based solution that centralises all communication channels and integrates with your CRM of choice


8x8 CRM Telephony Service

The 8×8 CRM telephony service sits on a cloud communications platform empowers small and medium-sized businesses to engage customers and increase employee efficiency at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems.

Innovative, cloud-based communication technology improves customer experience while providing your team with similar collaboration features that large corporations have access to. With 8×8, communication keeps up with the fast pace of your business’ daily operations.

Connect With Your Customers Through a Unified Communications Platform. Simple. Fast.

By moving to cloud telephony systems, you can focus on providing your customers with real value

Be mobile – 8×8 is available on smartphone, tablet and desktop apps, allowing you to work at the office, at home and on the go. With the ability to switch seamlessly between devices, customers can experience the same level of service, no matter where they are.

Tailored to your business – Simplify the challenges that affect your business’ communication services. With no-fuss installation and a quality UX, 8×8 enables you to easily manage settings, add new users, view reports on any device, and track your monthly expenditure.

Growing as you do – As 8×8 scales with your business, you can add lines, extensions and features as needed without implementing and building any major platform.

Engage With Your Customers

Your customers are too important to waste time on communications problems

Thanks to data-driven insights, your organisation can deliver exceptional customer experiences while empowering your employees to produce outstanding results. Features included in 8×8 are:

  • Team Messaging – Communicate and collaborate with internal teams, customers and external parties
  • SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zendesk integrations – Strengthen customer relationships and streamline operations
  • 8×8 Meetings – Hold audio and video conferences with up to 100 participants
  • Call recording and analytics – Improve your customer service and team performance

redk is an official 8×8 partner with the expertise to select and integrate the best CRM telephony communications solution for your business.


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