Sales Performance Optimisation

Empower your sales teams with CRM sales automation, providing you the right digital tools and customer insights to close more deals, while working in a smarter, more efficient way

Sales Is All About How Well You Know Your Customer. And Being Fast.

Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. We help your organisation increase sales performance by implementing tailor-made solutions that empower each sales team member with:

  • Customer insights – A complete view of the customer allows for meaningful indicators with consolidated insights, enabling immediate action when the opportunity arises.
  • Automation – Automate new opportunities, up-selling & cross-selling, while empowering your sales force with revealing data to uncover hidden opportunities for meaningful customer interaction
  • Efficiency – Streamline processes to optimise resources, reduce waste, & create a centralised data structure to drive efficiency & generate decision-making insights.
  • Mobility – Business environments are always dynamic, & salespeople need up-to-the-minute actionable information.

The Right Sales Technology Should Make You Very Fast.

Improve how your organisation converts prospects into clients; and clients into recurring revenue

Our sales performance optimisation services focus on streamlining sales operations to increase efficiency and also in automating customers insights to increase sales effectiveness.

These include:

  • Sales operations capability assessments to review your current working methods, helping you streamline processes and measure relevant KPIs
  • CRM sales technology assessment
  • CRM-for-sales digital solution implementation
  • CRM sales technology optimisation for existing implementations, regardless of your current technology stack

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The Focus Is On Your Business

Our technology, expertise and consulting offering is all centred around the CRM space

Our technology, expertise and consulting offering is all centred around the CRM space. We believe focus is the key. At redk, we have successfully delivered over 200 CRM implementation projects in a variety of industries and at both the national and international levels.

Our expertise in sales-optimisation projects and delivering digital solutions covers these key areas:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Operational and functional design
  • Technology and engineering strategy (data, platforms, networks and security)
  • Organisational change management

We are specialists in the CRM realm. That is why we are successful.


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