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Our CRM implementation services help your business build the digital and operational capabilities to effectively support the complete customer cycle


CRM Is Not About Software.
It's All About Your Business.

Our CRM implementation services deliver a tailored solution to your business. We implement full end-to-end CRM programs. Our solutions are designed based on your business needs, challenges and operational requirements whilst identifying opportunities for improvement.

With an overcrowded product offering on the market, companies are faced with the daunting challenge of choosing the right solution for implementing a CRM technology framework.

redk helps you sift through the clutter, providing a service which ranges from operational design to the implementation of the digital solutions needed to streamline marketing, sales, and customer service operations.

The Complete Customer Life Cycle, Streamlined!

We implement digital solutions to help you optimise  operations throughout the customer lifecycle and improve the customer experience.

Whether B2B or B2C, we help you implement essential CRM strategies and digital solutions to address day-to-day challenges in four key operational areas:

  • Attract – Adopt the best practices and digital marketing automation tools needed to generate demand and fill the top of the funnel.
  • Convert – Move leads into the sales process and empower sales teams with the right tools and insights to close more business and drive more revenue.
  • Retain – Ensure that the customers you’ve won experience service excellence. We help you devise strategies to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Once in place, these should generate opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Repeat – We help your business create and optimise recurring-revenue models (subscription based or recurrent services) to ensure that a won lead can be maximised in terms of revenue and ROI.

We Are Your Business Partners

Taking you and your customers further

Our end-to-end CRM implementation services focus on identifying the challenges, drafting a long-term strategy, designing a new operational model, and implementing the right digital solutions for your business.

We have over 14 years’ experience helping successful brands navigate the CRM space. Get in touch to discover what our expertise can do for you.


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