CRM Transformation

CRM Transformation Centre is redk’s strategic framework designed to help you prepare your business for the ever changing and demanding world


CRM Transformation Services

We help organisations overcome the challenges in the customer life cycle and drive performance. We drive transformation initiatives (programs)
to move organisations, from their current status, to become digitally mature, optimised and customer centric.

We call this process: CRM Transformation

CRM Transformation increases the focus on customer centricity by maximising business productivity through the integration and automation of sales, marketing and customer support. This is done as a means to drive digital transformation: a journey that leverages customer experience as a strategy to transform a business.

CRM Transformation initiatives comprise several digital projects that impact customer acquisition (sales and marketing) and customer retention (customer services, customer operations and marketing). These projects focus on redesigning how the company interacts with customers, using technology to improve the relationship dynamic.

CRM by Design – Building for Tomorrow

Don’t just modernise technology, design how your organisation leverages innovation

CRM by Design is a methodology based on Design Thinking concepts. The design process is guided by a technologically positive attitude that embraces the possibilities of future technologies, rather than basing a solution on past models. In our experience, many companies upgrade their technology without addressing the opportunity for change and improvement. In today’s world, maximising the potential of digital solutions goes hand in hand with operational improvements and staff training.

This methodology ensures our customers invest in future-proof CRM technology, enabling them to define a true competitive advantage and drive their ROI.

A Science Behind The Method

CRM Transformation Centre Methodology

The CRM Transformation Centre is a unique methodology, which was designed to bring CRM Transformation projects to successful completion. It aims to provide a robust and reliable framework to effectively assess, design, develop, and deliver a CRM roadmap.

The methodology addresses three core elements:

  1. Strategic alignment
  2. Rapid technology delivery
  3. Organisational and operational change

At redk, all our major CRM projects follow this methodology, representing a large part of our differentiating value offering.


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