CRM Transformation

Because the digital transformation journey is more than just software

Our methodology, CRM Transformation Centre, is the strategic framework that helps companies drive digital transformation forward, aligning business, customer focus, technology and organisational change.

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End-to-end CRM

Attract, Convert, Retain, Repeat

Our CRM implementation services deliver digital solutions to help your business address the complete cycle of the customer journey, so you can attract, convert and retain your customers whilst creating recurring revenue models.

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Sales Optimisation & Design

Drive revenue by improving the efficient and effective delivery of sales operations

Every customer interaction is a potential sales opportunity. We help your organisation build the capabilities to increase sales performance by implementing personalised digital solutions that can empower everyone to be a better sales person.

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Service Optimisation & Design

Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by delivering customer service excellence

Service operations are often where companies either win or lose customers. Our services are focused on helping organisations increase their customer loyalty and satisfaction by creating models of service excellence.

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Marketing Automation

Digital journeys, segmentation, automation and personalisation. But especially: Data.

Your digital environment is a very complex universe of interconnected applications and data, redk helps you make sense of it all so you can implement the advanced marketing capabilities your business needs to compete.

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CRM Assessment & Optimisation

Improve the utilisation of your current CRM implementation (irrelevant of the technology) to improve ROI and drive revenue

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