redk becomes First Certified Partner in Sugar Market (EMEA)

redk, a CRM & CX Consultancy and Sugar Elite Partner, Announced Certification as the First to Deliver Training Services for Leading Marketing Automation Tool Sugar Market.

Once more, redk has demonstrated its commitment to knowledge and growth, further solidifying the link between effort and expertise. This determination, which is present in all its projects and collaborations, has allowed redk to achieve the success it currently enjoys. For this reason, redk takes their responsibility as a Sugar Elite Partner seriously, vetting every opportunity for accreditation and training to thoroughly understand the technologies they implement.

Project Lead Berta Gálvez is representative of redk’s dedication to success. Recently, Berta completed the Sugar Market implementation authorisation interview, and was praised for her efforts and excellent preparation.

Training matters

When approaching CRM-related projects, redk always seeks to understand all possible solutions before applying them to their clients’ business strategies and objectives. In this way, redk is able to seamlessly align each technology with any business need. 

Sugar Market

Marketing campaigns play a crucial role in customer acquisition, and Sugar Market is a great solution to reach audiences and measure success throughout the buyer journey. Helping to attract more visitors to websites, Sugar Market helps businesses better understand how they interact with their digital assets.

One of the challenges for any marketer is to create conversion-focused landing pages with savvy email campaigns to get the right leads – nurturing their leads based on lead-scoring models. With Sugar Market, businesses can see what is working and identify where improvements are needed in order to refine campaigns and constantly deliver results. 

About redk

redk has over 15 years’ experience as technical and consultancy CRM experts. We aim to support companies seeking to enhance efficiency and profitability through world-class tools that optimise team performance across your organisation.


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