Getting further, together

“We believe the future is for those who commit in the present. Our customer’s success is our success, and we feel part of it.”

Initially a start up, currently an international leader in delivering insights for the financial sector. A B2B CRM strategy, business and technology, built to streamline processes, gain efficiencies and drive revenue.

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Rapid business growth and an evolving sector required innovative and versatile solutions to overcome technical challenges and be able to keep up with the demand of the business.
One single CRM platform for the global sales team to streamline sales processes and deliver the dashboards needed to make decisions
A leading company trading raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry to offering solutions for immediate application in the entire product life cycle, from development and registration, to production and direct supply to customers.

“These are some of our very successful customers, redk has over 14 years experience in the CRM space, from engineering, to product expertise to strategy. We are CRM experts and can help your business get further.”