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IBM Marketing Cloud

Create meaningful customer experiences using personalization, collaboration and agility delivered by the IBM Cloud

Digital Marketing to achieve personalized interaction with your customers

IBM Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based digital marketing platform offering email marketing solutions, lead management and mobile solutions through marketing automation.

IBM Marketing Cloud enables the delivery of exceptional customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle, taking advantage of the customer’s data, providing analytical information and automating interactions across different channels. As part of IBM Commerce, IBM Marketing Cloud facilitates the design of customer experiences across different applications, devices and times, to accelerate your business results.

Gartner highlights the potential of IBM Marketing Cloud in multichannel campaign management, its segmentation capacity and lead scoring. All oriented toward improving user experience.


REDK offers solutions for customer relationship management. We have implemented IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop) to our product portfolio to help you to implement digital marketing strategies in your company.

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Benefits of IBM Marketing Cloud:

  • Design and automate customer experiences.
  • Offer consistent experiences across different channels.
  • Use integrated analytics for better results.
  • Understand and report on customer behavior to make better decisions.
  • Provide a faster time to ROI.
  • Use a cloud-based marketing automation platform that can be easily integrated with other applications and data sources.

Capacidades de IBM Marketing Cloud

“I want to customize dynamically product recommendations and content for every customer.”

IBM Marketing Cloud provides a better customer experience. It helps companies and marketing departments to develop email campaigns, offering a personalized and timely communication, based on customer behaviors online and offline.


  • Customization

Send incredibly personal and original messages that incorporate customer preferences and recent behaviors.

  • Diseña programas de marketing automatizados con IBM Marketing CloudAnswer right away

Activate communications in real time and at the right moment based on the features of customer profiles or behaviors.

  • A seamless multi-channel experience

Integrate web forms, social networks, mobile and offline channels to deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer life cycle.

“I want to offer content, offers and recommendations in a dynamic way through any channel.”

Collect mobile information in real time and manage customized mobile experiences for each contact. Ensure that email content is adapted to each target customer’s type of device before sending, in order to generate a positive experience with your brand.

Notificaciones push IBM Marketing Cloud - REDK PartnerHighlights:

  • Easily integrate the mobile with other channels

Create campaigns and automated multichannel programs in each stage of the customer journey.

  • Get a single view of your customer

Connect and combine data with existing customer profiles for multi-channel analysis, segmentation and targeting.

  • PUSH notifications

Send targeted and engaging campaigns with push notification for iOS and Android devices that leverage data from each client’s unique profile from all channels, not only mobile phones.

“I want to create conversations based on online and offline behaviors.”

Effectively engage with customers through social media. Take advantage of social interactions to better understand and respond to customers.


  • Integrate communications

Connect social networks seamlessly throughout your overall customer engagement strategy.

  • Automate campaigns on social networks

Take advantage of existing data to run automated campaigns that increase engagement and sales.

  • Understand and respond to contacts

Capture and synchronize behaviors in social networks on the marketing automation platform in order to interact more effectively with contacts.

  • Publish-to-Social/Share-to-Social

Reach more customers and prospects in less time. Publish or program an entry through Marketing Cloud on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to coincide with sent emails. Easily share emails in corporate social networks.

“I want to attract, qualify and grow business opportunities.”

Capture more qualified leads, close the loop between marketing and sales, and generate revenue through lead management functionalities that offer greater quality and lower customer acquisition costs.

Atraer Lead y Oportunidades con IBM Marketing CloudHighlights:

  • Lead Scoring

Control commitment levels, purchase cycle stages and the willingness to buy, and then use that data to make sure each contact receives the correct content through every stage of the customer journey.

  • Lead Nurturing

Automate conversations with clients and respond to their behavior in real time. Create drip campaigns or multi-track workflows using emails, direct marketing campaigns, via mobile or teleshopping, with the visual campaign editor. Use logic and business rules for optimally routing audiences based on their behavior.

  • CRM Integration

Extend the power of IBM Marketing Cloud to the CRM system. Synchronize CRM and marketing activity data to improve the relevance of marketing programs and business results. Provide CRM users with a clear vision of content activities

“I want to design and automize digital client experiences consistently and in real time.”

Deliver custom content with dynamic recommendations through digital campaigns.


  • Content in real time

Insert product recommendations or other content in your messages in real-time based on the contact’s activity, purchase history or other attributes.

  • Dynamic content

Adapt content based on the customer’s actions to maximize the relevance of the message.

  • Optimize the sending of messages in the best time possible

Automate message delivery by sending at the exact time (date/hour) when customers will be most likely to check their inbox.

  • Tracking on the web

Capture the contact’s activity on the web and use those data to score, segment and manage communications based on that activity.

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